Our professional Ecstatic Dance DJ Training by Kareem Raïhani will give you everything you need as a DJ.  From basic technical skills & music theory  to more progressive teachings,  such as using loops, FX’s,  advanced transitions & tricks. This Ecstatic Dance Training will fully empower you to take your DJ Skills to the next level.

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Ecstatic Dance Trianing Koh PhanganThailand
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During our Ecstatic Dance Facilitator & Teacher training you will receive everything you need to create your own successful Ecstatic Dance community event and fully step into your power as a embodied Ecstatic Dance Facilitator.

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Our Mission

To teach and support those who wish to empower themselves and learn to DJ and Facilitate Ecstatic Dance.
Through conscious dance and movement, we believe everyone can discover their full human potential and unleash their creative power and live life to the fullest.


What we offer

We offer comprehensive professional Ecstatic Dance Teacher / Facilitator  Trainings and DJ Trainings with Kareem Raïhani. Our Ecstatic Dance trainings are designed for all those who want to learn how to DJ or facilitate Ecstatic Dance & build a local Ecstatic Dance community.

The aim of our trainings is to empower people who wish to ” hold space ” for dance and guide groups through a body-mind oriented growth processes.  Both the DJ Training and the Ecstatic Dance Facilitator / Teacher  training equips students with a wide range of tools, practical experience, knowledge, and supports the journey of finding your own unique voice and vision within the Ecstatic Dance community.

If you have any questions or want to speak to one of the team please send us a message and we  will get right back to you.

We hope to meet you soon.


“Its a chance to express life on the dance floor, to learn how to be in present with people”

“Its my transformational journey within myself”

” Ecstatic Dance is the ultimate form of expression “

Join the TRIBE & Immerse Yourself Into Ecstatic Dance