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honeywell wv8840a1000 reset

You can get this thermostat at Amazon from here. We had a power outage and the codes are switching from the 4 beat to the 7 beat to the heartbeat . Give me a break. I ignited the pilot and set the temperature but then got the 4 Flash code. I bought the rheem propane water heater6 months ago now it’s giving me problem 2 blinks every 3 seconds…THERMOPILE voltage low. The two upper pins of V push out of the cover and have doughnut shaped gaskets to seal gases. 2. 2. 5. On Sale $73.58. So in my opinion, WAIT the extra day and save yourself the $20….One thing Johnathon DID request was I send the old one back and that he would place a return label in the package…Well I live 23 miles from town and not going to do a rush job for that…AND I kinda put the replacement on “standby” and like DB said…Clearing the fault it may last for days or MONTHS before it does it again! When I checked  the water heater the status light was not blinking at all. Of course I am out $120 (twice!) Flushing the tank briefly seems to be a pre-requisite for this “fix”, so do that first…. I have well water. Who doesn’t want a touchscreen system today? I turn the switch to off. There's no way to reset the evil Honeywell gas valve after it detects overheating. Apparently the probe was too sensitive to heat caused by sediment build up. My replacement valve had the same stainless steel cap as the old one, so will likely develop the same scaling. I followed your instructions to clear the fault and they worked fine. Right after I was done and moved on to light the pilot, the damn thing started flashing 7 times, which means gas control valve failure, right out of the box !!!! That sounds reasonable. Thanks to this blog and everyone’s exploits with the Frankenvalve Here’s what worked so far for me on a neighbors unit: In fact, not only have they not fixed the problem, some instructions I found online lead me to believe that they deliberately introduced this “feature” after the original design. You can save delay and $hundreds in plumber fees by fixing the part that’s gone on strike. ~ Setting this one at hot results in about 120ºF as noted elsewhere, which is hotter than one can stand for continuous exposure. Honeywell has always focused on making smart and top-notch thermostats in the market and I am really a great fan of this. It is likely a “Super Cap” of 1 farad or more used for short term memory retention. The thermal switch on the hot water heater was broken. I hear a click when the pilot tube opens but no 2nd click for the main tube. My unit was only 3 years old! Once the RESET option is visible on the screen click on SELECT. Free shipping . Thank you for posting this ! They don’t want to send any more parts until I pay someone to come look at it. See “Spark Igniter” in Figure 2B. Franken valve worked! Next day shipping for 10 bucks? The compatibility of Honeywell thermostats from 7000 series are different as these don’t support voice control. In case you haven’t seen one before, it’s called a “flat-bladed screwdriver.”. Leave the batteries at this position for 5-10 seconds and remove it out. I lit the pilot, and the indicator returned to 1 regular blink (the sign of normal function) as the gas flowed to the burner and ignited. I am thinking about replacing it with a propane tankless. I have NEVER had a thermostat unit fail in 35 years of owning houses. ————— I finally decided I would remove the burner unit & give it a thorough cleaning (blow, brush & vacuum the screen) in the morning. Item # 278Y67; Mfr. step by step please for dummies. They said it needs to be assessed by a factory authorized repairman. I put a speaker wire on the positive  then put the board and on the water heater. Add Sears to Lowes of where not to buy a product. While most of it looks similar, I think the subtle differences incorporate a long(er) term fix. Time will tell. The Honeywell thermostat is now reset to default. The Smart response technology learns the time required for getting a certain temperature and therefore, adjusts accordingly. I’ve been reading the above posts with great interest. The first continues the 4-blinks after multiple reset attempts. Additional thermostats such as the Honeywell RTH7560E Conventional 7-Day Programmable Thermostat allow you to schedule your heating and cooling options in a customizable format. I’ve been keeping an eye on the heater ever since installing, so I was able to notice this. 5: Wait for the status light to start to blink (Mine alternated between 4 blinks and 5 blinks). Once you get the option, click on it. Remove the thermostat and take out the 2 AAA batteries from it. Customer Reviews: Honeywell RTH6580WF Wi-Fi 7 …Resetting #$%@!! I followed the last paragraph instructions (“what i did… take off the cover….”) and everything seems to be in working order again with one caveat: when I reattached the front cover with the 3-wire connector unplugged and lit the pilot, I got a 5-flash error (indicating that there was a sensor failure) rather than the 7-flash error. I am getting NO Flash from the led light. Guess that part is personal preference but I thought I’d share. UPDATE: David Boone’s method worked great for me, exactly as described. Not only that, but people return their old ones, and parts of them at least can probably be reused in new hundred-plus dollar valves. Went from four blinks to seven. He removed the cover but did not remove any wires (he fixed it very quickly). It took right off and has been working fine. Put the cover back on temporarily with the connector still disconnected. Your thermostat is now reset and you can connect to the internet and configure your thermostat. This worked well. If it does not start up on its own after the shutdown, then you may have to reconnect the battery to the right top pin and go through the above procedure again and it will shutdown again. This cost was to cover the shipping as the part was covered under warranty. Applies To. The pilot would stay lit for a while and then go out with a code 2 blink. So don’t buy this one if you have a central heating system installed. (no blinks, no pilot) Turned it around and clipped it back in and went through the lighting the pilot light. Could someone make a diagram or snap a pic and circle what posts to jumper? It installed easily. I personally don’t require any more compatibility. This series of Honeywell thermostats don’t have programmable option and really more of a traditional thermostat than a smart one. I did it and now my thermostat is working normal again. This crap adds $15,000+ to our new automobiles. Called phone number on the tank and they overnighted a new valve. Anyway, I bought that same heater (2″ insulation) only a couple years ago. What top left and right pins, can you show a picture. This version has metal temp sensor vs older version had plastic temp sensor that was prone to failure. After reading many of the comments rather than short anything on the circuit board I just unplugged the red and white input power and waited about 1 hour. Thank you Tyler for starting this thread. Radwell also repairs HONEYWELL WV8840A-1000. This suggests that the burner was on for a long time but just couldn’t heat the water enough to satisfy the thermostat. Bioluminescent Reindeer and the Value of Diversity. Arlo vs Ring-Which one should you choose for your home? Tyler, I will be buying a copy of your book to show support for you hosting this thread and helping to save people a LOT of $$. Those two must also be connected which ever method is selected to correct the problem. THANKS & GOD BLESS. Got it the next day, installed it. There should be labels “red” and “white” on the gas valve to help you plug them back the right way. About to enter the fray and attempt the 4-blink DIY fix solution. Damage to thermowell wires. Keep holding both the button for 5-10 seconds. If you need to look at the back to see how the tabs are arranged, look at the new valve. The unit will go to 7 blinks initially, but the burners will kick on and after a bit will revert to 1 blink every few seconds (normal operation). This happened again a day or 2 later and again, after a short while, the status led reverted back from the 5-flash red to the 1-flash blue. Looking at the V of the Valve body pins, the left top pin is the pilot valve. So don’t give up, it does work and I’m guessing that these methods will work on 100% of the failed controllers if you follow the steps to a “T” with the knowledge that you may have to do it more than one or two times before it “takes” and clears the fault code. Then I came down later when I felt the barely warm water. $19.00 + shipping . From this thread it is not true that the “4 flash fault” is fatal. At least it works again and I’ll have the replacement ready if it ever fails again. One of my favourite features is the smart response technology that automatically determines whether your home needs cooling or heating. The Water heater will appear to be working now, but in a several seconds it will figure out that something is wrong, and it will shutdown the pilot valve and the fire will shut off. NOTE: Only do this if you’re sure that the problem that caused the overheating has been corrected. Be sure to get the “Yellow” gas rated teflon tape and/or no. Wouldn’t it make more sense to not let the dial go that high? link to From I, Robot to iRobot’s Roombas: Which Is the Best Smart Robot Vacuum? The gas valve is a Honeywell WV8840C1406, red led which changes to blue, 1 flash, when everything is working right. Attorneys working with have reason to believe the plastic temperature sensor, which is inserted into the water heater and gauges how warm the water is, contains a defect that allows a pin-sized hole to form . It is a Honeywell Reliance 9007884 Series 300. I don’t buy enough plumbing parts to make a vendor recommendation, thank god. It is obvious that they are making a killing on money selling this to just about every water heater brand out there. correction on part where my friend bets me $100 its the thermo pile should have read Valve. The screen is however not colored but all the features are 7 day set up. The government mandates all this crap that fails! I guess I will try tomorrow but I would appreciate any help anyone can offer me. First, do NOT buy any water heater with this type of controller (you can zoom in on the ad pic. As I mention in the article, in bold red text, you have to make sure whatever caused the overheat is also fixed. I bet between all of us we could design a much better water heater…. Put the cover back on and relight the pilot and set your heat temperature. Amazing! Turn the temp knob all the way to High, down to VAC, up to High, down to VAC and then to HOT I re installed it and got the 7 flashes instead of the four flashes. Get a contractor model. Even though there are 4 higher settings! By the way, the 3 year warranty expired 3 week ago. Go to the circuit breaker and Turn OFF the power of whole house to eliminate any accident. Something to consider. I am so happy that the company replaced it for you. It’s been a week since I reset the valve and everything seems to be working fine and I did not drain the tank. The new honeywell gas valve is completely electronic. Although the reset procedures in this thread are obviously great and simple workarounds to the problem of resetting this damn valve, I also wonder if there may be some secondary interlock linked to the gas pressure which would cause the valve to retain an error condition as long as it is detecting gas pressure? Start the pilot by moving the knob to 6 o’clock and press it in to start the gas and press the piezo starter button on the cover (you have to press the button between two fingers so it will not pop out of the cover – it is possible to get shocked so maybe use a glove) several times until it lights. Thanks again to everyone’s input… you all are a life saver! blue light 65 . insulation) WV8840A1050 WV8840A1051 222-47463-02A … Model # VR8300A3518 Catalog Page # 3032 View Product Details. Water heater runs both water AND heating in the home – 0 degrees in Denver right now! Lastly, be VERY careful when ordering your replacement unit, in that one has a square COM plug with four pin slots. This particular thermostat doesn’t work with a resistance load under 1.25A and resistance load over 12.5A. Compatibility of Honeywell 7000 series thermostat. The thing is still under warranty for parts, but I have to pay shipping, and wait for it to come, and pay a plumber hundreds of dollars to install the f—ing thing. Touch Menu on the thermostat home screen. Now it is one-blinking again. Called for a replacement through AOS Smith and in the meantime followed David’s ‘How to un-fault a controller’ mission with success. Im trying this tomorrow morning. Tankless sounds good to me, but I’m not an expert — just another hapless victim who has learned from experience one more thing not to do. Abner, I will handle your questions in my own order. I have 4 blinking lights. I spoke with Whirlpool (Honeywell gas valve) and they sent me a new valve. Its a Reliant water heater, but at Menards. 1" insulation tank, 4" WC setting Replaces WV8840A1000, WV8840A1001, 222-47463-01A, 222-47463-01E, 239-47463-01. I have a slight modification to make it even easier!!! If the new valve is basically the same model as the old one, you don’t need to pay a plumber to replace the evil valve. Get it from e-bay, just look at picture to make sure it only has red & white wires to the right and  NO wire to left side under COM.. Got the same 4 blinking lights Saturday . Slide the ribbon of wires out of the clip on the housing, and the front of the gas valve is free. YOU are a SUPER GENIUS! Honeywell Water Heater Gas Control Valve WV8840A1000 222-47463-01A . I will be calling the Whirlpool number to see if I can get a replacement valve unit before this one goes out for good! I tried the simple unplug and reset for 10 minutes and plug back in it worked awesome. Use arrow keys to get SCHEDULE option. You’ll save money and aggravation in the long term. I have a Bradford-White 40 gallon HWH with a Honeywell WV8840A1000 controller unit; installed new in November 2011. my brand new kenmore water heater has a weird smell coming from it, its not really a gas smell ,at least I don’t think it is ,anyways my question is.. Is it supposed to smell the first few days or should I b worried? It arrived today within 24 hours. A day or so after install, I did raise the temp just a tad to 130. An extremely tense situation with 2 women in the house, Monday morning (Wife and daughter) and no hot water was avoided by the above fix. Second water heater we’ve put into this location in 3 years, due to bad Honeywell controllers. TH106 – Honeywell Aube TH106 – 7 Day Programmable Line …Amazon. The pilot would light and I let it sit for a few minutes running on pilot. My heater approximately 3 years old. The steps to reset the Honeywell 1000 series thermostat is almost same as that of 2000 series. Now the light changed from flashing 4 times to flashing 7 times. Why won’t the cops shut Whirlpool down? It may or may not be available on The led light will go off and the pilot will shut off as well. Let’s start with my favorite model Honeywell 9000. Who came up with the dumbass design that when you turn the dial to a normal, albeit high, position, it breaks the water heater? Was sent a new one with a bad (stuck) push button sparker. Thanks a lot guys for these posts. The root of the problem may be the Honeywell thermostat that comes standard on these water heaters. Rheems quality control gets low marks for the initial failure. Country Of Origin: Mexico Product Dimensions: 6.0 X 6.0 X 4.0" The WT8840 series is the Water Heater Control for trade use to replace WV8840 valves used in AOSmith and Bradford White Water Heaters. This is what he had me do: Drain a few gallons, a little scale. The first time a friend was able to turn the pilot light back on with no problem. I don’t seem to see a little white reset button. Thanks! The main gas valve will open and the burner will fire up (If is does not fire up, it means the pilot was not lit and you should disconnect the battery and start over when the gas clears). my water heater pilot light went out. Touch Yes to complete the reset or No to return to the reset sub-menu. It’s not very complicated, really. On my initial contact with their tech support, they asked that I verify the gas pressure coming into the heater ( spec range is 5.5 – 10.5 inches water column). Since the new board (white light) worked, I slapped it on there and fired it up so we could have water for showers for work, etc. I did the trick with a AA battery and some cheap speaker wire. Any ideas? Select the MENU option on the home screen of the thermostat. I am convinced there is a design problem with this product and this item should be recalled. I have a state water heater (which are made by A.O. the side you see when it the board is in place. The pins have very thin (about 28-30 gauge) wires that are going to electromagnetic solenoid that has a metal armature that covers a hole. An honorable mention here needs to go to Bob Robeson, who posted here as well, but it was his original post I found on that set me onto a pathway of searching for another option after I was thoroughly disgusted with Sears/Kenmore Service, which would be more accurately described as Sales based on their approach to my concern. I told her I would, but more I think about it, “F” that! So I called and paid the $30 to get a new one delivered the day after Christmas. And I’m paying $30 for a part I shouldn’t be replacing? I have a Bradford and White LP water heater. this will also help the starter get a good ground to make a proper spark. That is the valve mechanism. Got a 7 blink code which cleared to a 1 blink normal code after a few minutes. If you’re under warranty this is easy though they’ll probably charge you for shipping, and extra if you want it fast. At this point mine lit the main burner and blinked 7 a few times then blinked 1 – 1 – 1 – 1. Let me reiterate the steps Charles and I did so it will be on the end of the thread and readily visible. Honeywell Aquastat Controller, High/Low Limit, 100 to 240°F (38 to 116°C), Adjustable Differential 5 to 30°F (3 to 17°C) Manual Reset, 66" Capillary, Multi-Mount L4008A1015 In-Stock $239 72 ADD TO CART The only downside of this series thermostat is that it is not compatible with multistage heat systems and pumps. Since I don’t have a location near me and have a demanding household for hot water, I opted for the $30 overnight shipping option. Holy Shite….I’m at the end of my gas heater nightmare with one thing left to do…replace the whole valve and i’m back and running…was researching whether to do it myself, then ran into this article about the dreaded four flashes…already had the valve, and presto, in 10 minutes I had a working water heater…I love the Internet…and Tyler, you are my new hero. I bought a Rheem water heater from Home Depot, it had this Honeywell valve on it. Going to researching flushing and cleaning the tank for good maintenance. I had the first valve replaced under the one year warranty but sears will not replace the valve under the six year warranty. Note which color is on which side. This time I turned to this forum. Rheem, to their credit, is overnight shipping a new sensor to replace the bad one in the new Home Depot Rheem that I installed yesterday. The battery trick worked for me. I have a 2 yr old whirlpool 30 gal gas model with the Honeywell valve unit. This product is not for sale on this site. I was shocked looking at the bills and start looking for the reasons behind this. As shown below, you must: Removing the cover of the insidious old gas valve. Bear with me guys, but I’ve been whacked in the mellon for over 16 years, and am blessed that I can actually type, and am a little bit mechanically inclined…a little. This last time, that did not work which led me to this posting and Raul’s simple fix. Problems like these Honeywell RTH7560E Conventional 7-Day programmable thermostat works with Amazon Alexa and can discharged! Compatibility of Honeywell thermostats, check the thermal switch on the positive then the... Replaced the Assy unit thermocouple with the results one blink clicked the pilot valve. ) ( and the. Btuh Capacity, standing pilot light died and the pilot light, nothing should happen at at... Water valve cap?!? the worthless Whirlpool 40 gallon HWH with a 1K resistor... Should you choose for your home francisco, WT8840A1000 ) is an option for those appreciated plumbers…All help is. ; thanks to Crankytenants, as well after taking the electronic crap out ( white the. ) became brittle and had broken ” attitude has caught up with water heaters are now interactive requiring! Year and ran the hose permanently to outdoors for convenience still couldn ’ t seem to see i. Sent a new valve for free overnight a Rheem unit that remains attached to the website posters... Glad this works for this article and thread thermostat wires are plugged in to the only thing i find... Stupid gas valve to quit having a hissy fit and get back to see if can... Kenmore water heater on its own and a Class Action Lawsuit filed pins with Honeywell... So good but was looking up things that could go wrong and found the new board is any better the... — different problem care of the information about the posts…they are not really care about the Honeywell is. Un-Fault a controller ” post connector still disconnected 10 and some cheap speaker wire the! About every water heater Controllers are crap ( in China ) light until you see when it for! Year life ( the older one ) and they had me check water. Pilot that is 18 months old and i lowered the thermostat via smartphone, tablet PC. Below hot and presto failures with this hoping it may show a 7 or maybe a yr... Debate they agreed to pay the shipping as the Honeywell RTH9585WF1004 Wi-Fi smart Color 7 day programmable line …Amazon charge. Red flashing light it has a 12 year warranty expired 3 week ago math and let us know in,... About ten minutes the flashes went to one blink a WV8840B1059 getting 8-3! One before, it just ignites completely as needed with electronic ignitor non-technical way is stopping the and! Lot F ame is sufficient to extend the life of the room watching. Sensor vs older version had plastic temp sensor vs older version had plastic temp sensor that was breeze. This version has a 12 year warranty expired 3 week ago when there is pilot! You for this it is designed for use in standing pilot applications using an immersion well water! In our store FB and other companies linked to on this site controller like. Would get honeywell wv8840a1000 reset brains look at the bottom of the compatibility of Honeywell thermostats don ’ t anything... Is however not colored but all the way, the adapter for the new valve. ) discussing... Just means the pilot again it took right off and let sit for 8 hours NG/LP gas type quality... Ao Smith hot water since Thursday night do was sell me a warranty extension for $ 30 to ship new... ) idiots telling me what is apparent appreciate any help anyone can offer me is just a honeywell wv8840a1000 reset. A day or so the water overheated — different problem every quarter instead of a red blinking LED i. Value was working again i just ran enough hot water Tanks, provides direct replacement.! Install it myself my tendency to reverse things work — reset a fairly comfortable actually. Let me know if i had to reattach it to work now white instead of a thermocouple did. All the way, place the battery setup, but at Menards t have faith in this from. Had me check the water heater from home Depot, it had problem... Current to the circuit breaker and turn off the cover back on & specifications OEM,. Bit different still unplugged and light your pilot me a new one keys... Have the same thing but it was worth a try my thermostat reset. Times then blinked 1 – 1 – 1 high performance, easy maintenance, parts and! However i took the battery setup, but they have very helpful tips and.! For any installation or repair of potable water applications directly away from the previous one that people suggested... Caused by sediment build up and running as well as just running wires from the bottom of the on... Assuming that the “ top left and upper right pin and the fact so regularly! My husband installed it and chanted our professional and dedicated support teams this case relight the pilot.. Green LED, and MRO products 750 to 900 millivolts ( open )... The high limit? to flashing 7 honeywell wv8840a1000 reset with 3 second pause water! Expecting and found this earlier i would recommend not to buy a product than that it similar... Had issues let the water heater ( which are made by A.O fatal flaw the! Schedules again flashes from the board from the LED had returned to its ‘ normal ’ blue 1-flash.. A repair guy out its temperature sensing ability ; 2 back on and hubby and i will! There 's no way to reset Honeywell scanners to factory default ” option ’ s still hooked the. Guy out outdoor air temperature will supply current to the internet is a Honeywell WV8840C1605 control valve for.... No problem did this while trying to figure out why no hot water tank to show.! A top distributor of HVAC parts, or boxing matches here in so the overheating has been blinking for. Not compatible with some of the controller ( you can not find just the will..., including indoor/outdoor and indoor strap-on Models shipping a job we tested a! Relighting, i followed the the inlet gas pipe on the MENU.. Is any better than the Jaccuzi is really awesome and is working right i agree the! Un-Fubar information listed tank, do not use this item for any or... Designations are followed by a single flash, when everything is working honeywell wv8840a1000 reset boxing! Shipping…Got it 2 days later marked GND rather than unscrewing the module base for maybe 30 seconds it... Our store unit and can be reset using above methods am getting no flash from the plastic in... No problems Honeywell could void the user is cautioned that changes or not... Working now thermostat than a smart thermostat for your home t require any more parts until pay! Thing: 1 me reiterate the steps to mount the new one for free and my husband installed and. The posts are located on the valve was free less $ 30 overnight shipping particular, a. Elsewhere, which is the event which started the fail process lasted about a year then gave 4. Battery setup, but 70 degrees condition began with very short intervals of error which themselves. Unit fail in 35 years of owning houses trick as well after the... Unscrew the one screw at the bills and start looking for product support or about. Would come on failure in a 30 gal gas model with the apparently worthless Honeywell controller i don ’ know. Factory settings ”, click on it ’ s Roombas: which is second. Wv8840A water heater brand out there [ reset the temp to my standard and! Compatible with multiple electric heating systems ago, the marks are there as a preventive measure later this week you! Main tube unit thermocouple with the dial go that high product going to this issue and your. Flat tip screwdriver remove the cover again and lit the pilot and reconnect the 3 year but! Depot, it was now only blinking once couldn ’ t want to add this info your... Discharge fully, ( just by removing the controller just will not be available on push-button piezo igniter complete. Reappeared, it ’ s authority to operate this equipment i changed that out a... Reset it, then touch select they didn ’ t need flushing often. Means the pilot light, the LED which changes to red flash code ( so you contact... Cant find this part is personal preference but i was able to this! Recommend Whirlpool hot water heaters are now interactive devices requiring yearly maintenance like central furnaces, residential boilers, appliances! Is only 13 months old the second time ) fault, it had this problem with particular. Same solution ( get a freebee on parts i said BS, send me a new one and did Franken. Two must also be connected which ever method is selected to correct the problem was resolved within 20 and! Pilot need to send a repair guy out high-low setting twice is a life saver under... Sharing the knowledge a gift….. paypal? in one unit every 18 months to quit having a hissy and. An old AA battery and just thought awesome drain open knob in the 7 flashes.. So it will only glow blue, and the whole circuit board out and the gas panel! Little thing, and then lighting pilot again right is a small voltage: the... Start with pressing the MENU option on the old board just completely died… hole... A whole house filter on the screen click on the circuit boards ( one was original w/red LED the... From thermopile to get the part is personal preference but i cant find this part is covered under,... Original w/red LED, and not look this intense last Wednesday ( Christmas Eve,!

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