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best commercial lighting control systems

In some outdoor lighting control systems, other sensors may be added that collect data on everything from carbon monoxide to snowfall. Each feature is designed around what is most important to you – how well your building is working. Further, networked lighting controls can provide a tool for implementation of Building IoT technologies and strategies. The proliferation of LED technology, coupled with advances in wireless and sensing options, is changing that. Enviroscene Dimmer. Its glass touch screen features a one-touch control and an LED display. Construction. It includes a variety of wall plates, dimmers and switches, scene controllers, and outlets. Luminaire- and room-based control systems — based systems embed or integrate sensors within luminaires, enabling them to respond individually for greater flexibility and energy savings. Lutron Commercial Solutions enable the right environment with lighting, shades, & controls. The manufacturer’s Casèta wireless dimmers and switches work with dimmable LEDs and CFLs. 6. Increasingly sophisticated technology allows for increasingly sophisticated control of a building, give facility managers more possibilities than ever before for operating a building efficiently. New configuration tools make setup easier. The list of applications is enormous. Brilliant Energy consumption data may be analyzed and shared for a variety of purposes. Color tuning — With LEDs, it is relatively economical to provide users the ability to adjust lighting correlated color temperature (CCT), or shade of white light. Hue is a web-enabled LED home lighting system that uses the manufacturer’s own LED bulbs. Estimating that one-third of all LED-based energy savings may be derived from connected lighting and controls by 2035, the Department of Energy is promoting the technology and working with industry to enhance it. Wireless communication reduces the cost of installation in existing buildings. The association also has updated its LED standard—SSL 7A—to make it easier for contractors to select LED bulbs and lighting controls that work together seamlessly. Facility managers can then program all lighting control using operating software and potentially pull performance and other data to a central server or the cloud. The face plate comes in six colors, and the unit is available for one-, two-, and three-switch control. Its glass touch screen features a one-touch control and an LED display. As far as smart lighting systems go, this switch by Lutron is one of … The Adorne collection consists of lighting control and power solutions products that allow homeowners to personalize the system to their needs. As word about the technology spreads and it becomes more affordable and easier to use, homeowners could come to expect it in new homes. Lighting controls still come in models as basic as on/off switches that a homeowner can flip upon entering a room, with or without a manual dimmer. Eaton delivers a range of innovative and reliable indoor and outdoor lighting and controls solutions, specifically designed to maximize performance, energy efficiency and safety. A version of story originally appeared in the Jan/Feb 2018 issue of PRODUCTS magazine. The LED source is highly controllable, with dimming standard or as a standard option in most products. Using the Manage, Monitor and Measure concepts, the wiSCAPE® wireless outdoor lighting control system builds on the energy and maintenance savings of an LED lighting installation by reducing money … Our own client-led range Sovereign is designed and produced in our Southampton factory, proudly part of the Made in Britain campaign. Manage, Monitor and Measure Outdoor Lighting Wirelessly. With a Hue mobile app, the system can be controlled remotely from a smartphone or tablet. Building- and enterprise-based control systems — In this system, lighting controllers are networked across a building or multiple buildings. This eliminates the need for dedicated low-voltage wiring, a major benefit for controls installation in existing buildings. Now, says O’Neill, “This space is moving so quickly” that it’s hard to predict what’s next. “Once, they might have thought of dimmers and lighting controls as, ‘That’s just cool stuff,’” Smith says. Boardroom. He points to Miami-based Lennar, which in June began installing smart dimmers and motion sensors as standard offerings in some of its new homes. The solution may operate autonomously or integrate with other building systems. Data generation — Some lighting control systems allow data collection from control points connected via a digital wired or wireless network. Today’s lighting control systems offer the ability to cap light output at custom design levels, separately zone small groups of luminaires, and provide occupants the ability to control local lighting. “Who would have thought 10 years ago that I would be able to pick up a phone, download a mobile app, and control my lighting?”. With lighting accounting for up to 20% of a commercial building’s electricity use, the efficient control of lighting across all areas is a vital tool in reducing energy waste. The bulbs fit into standard light fixtures and include a bridge that connects to existing wireless routers. Some manufacturers help by publishing online charts showing which bulbs to buy. Some controls operate on line-voltage power, while others are low-voltage (DC) powered. LIGHTING TECHNOLOGY IS ADVANCING FASTER THAN EVER. Today’s homeowner can control multiple lights throughout the home from a touch pad within the house or through a Wi-Fi- or Bluetooth-connected smartphone or tablet that allows access from anywhere at any time. Now that we know the gamut of solutions available for controlling lighting, we can look at trends shaping the future of control. Wattstopper Legrand’s Wattstopper product line for Commercial Lighting Control Systems offers a comprehensive solution of industry-leading energy efficient lighting controls technology and applications for the commercial space, designed to meet code, ensure ease of installation, and enable the control of natural and artificial light in indoor spaces. Have a look at our lighting solutions per system area. Neither is a good option, so we recommend caution. Though just about 1 percent of today’s residential lighting is part of a connected system controlled by the user, O’Neill says that number will soar as consumers “become aware of the extended capabilities and lifestyle benefits of connected lighting control. Lutron Caseta wireless dimmer. All Rights Reserved. Room-based control systems package lighting controllers and input devices for autonomous, plug-and-play, preprogrammed room lighting control. 8 Lighting Controls Technologies Offer Energy Efficiency, Smart Building Gains, Lighting Controls 101: Understand Switching, Dimming, and LEDs. The miniaturization of sensors integrates control hardware into luminaires (light fixtures). From room-based controls to data generation, today's lighting controls offer a range of options and benefits. I’ve not seen anything like it in my 29 years here at the speed this is happening and the benefits customers are truly experiencing.”. In fact, manufacturers say voice-controlled home lighting is among the fastest-growing trends in home automation. Four different modular lighting control systems that utilise simple connectivity to enable flexible and easy installation, meeting all current legislative requirements for new and existing buildings. These wireless feats require replacing the home’s switches and dimmers, some simple rewiring, and downloading the manufacturer’s app. As a result, facility managers considering an LED upgrade can also consider even more sophisticated control options to enhance lighting energy savings and value. Smart lighting can be used to light up your deck and emphasize water features in the backyard, turning on-and-off in unison with the sunrise and the sunset. Including them in an under-cabinet light means significantly raising the price of the lights or significantly lowering the quality of the motion sensor. “The more the world gets exposed to this, the more they see this simplicity, and the more we don’t complicate it, the more people will adopt individual [home-automation] products. Networked control —  An increasing number of lighting control solutions network all control points, assigning them unique addresses for individual or group programming. Two other approaches are dim-to-warm (LED products that dim to a very warm white similar to incandescent dimming) and full color tuning (separately dimmable red, green and blue LEDs plus amber or white and potentially other colors). “That means any existing home is going to have to compete with new homes that have this new technology.”. 8. These systems were installed, along with new LED fixtures and kits in five different commercial buildings: two different Dimmers & Lighting Controls for commercial use. Products include include the new four-pack 3-Way Smart Switches, which control lights from two different locations, as well as Treatlife’s four-pack Dimmable Smart Switches and 2-4 Pack Single Pole Smart Switches. KETRA LIGHTING ANNOUNCES SMART HOME CAPABILITIES, SHADOWS AND LIGHT: 20 LIGHTING AND HOME TECH PRODUCTS TO CONSIDER, The top 7 Most popular Products Articles of 2020, NY LUXURY DESIGN FAIR TO LAUNCH SEPTEMBER 9–12, 2021, Nora Lighting's New Pearl 4" LED Retrofit Delivers 1000LM, Multiple Styles and Finishes, A New Contemporary Lighting System That Pays Homage to Mountains, MVP Awards: The Most Valuable Products of 2020, ET2 Lighting iCorona Smart Light Pendant wins the 2020 Red Dot Award. In both cases, the lighting controllers may be networked, which allows programming. No hub is required; the devices may be used with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant. The device works seamlessly with other smart products, like voice-controlled home assistants Amazon Alexa and Google Home. Introducing more-advanced lighting control options in existing buildings is similarly also no longer limited by running low-voltage wiring between devices, as wireless connectivity eliminates that need. As we’ve expanded, it really does span a whole demographic.”, Jay Sherman, director of marketing for the residential business unit of Leviton, agrees. Also popular is “color tuning” of LEDs, which lets the user switch a light from a cool white to a warm, traditional yellow tone—or even from white to blue or another color. Lighting control solutions that help provide energy savings for residential and commercial applications. They can also evaluate the many types of available lighting control solutions as well as the trends driving their development. 5. As a result, lighting control manufacturers are teaming with the makers of all sorts of devices to automate the way lights turn on and off. If I can use my voice to turn my lights on, that can give me independence.’”. One result, says Michael Smith, vice president of sales for Lutron, is that older and physically challenged consumers are beginning to rely on wireless lighting controls. “It can be in almost any home,” he says. Traditional controls — Traditional lighting controls include standalone devices (e.g., switches) for … But the natural progression has seen the industry advance to automation, from single-lamp timers to motion sensors that activate when someone walks into a room to central controllers that can operate, manipulate, and program lights and lighting schemes around the home. With tunable-white LED lighting, users can adjust light source CCT with separately dimming arrays of warm- and cool-white LEDs. Armed with this knowledge, facility managers are able to identify the types of available solutions most appropriate to their buildings. The Decora line of switches, outlets, dimmers, timers, and sensors features plugin and smart models that allow users to control and schedule lights and appliances from a smartphone or tablet. A wide range of presence detectors in each system ensure optimum energy efficiency and user comfort. In 2005, the U.S. Department of Energy reported that lighting energy accounted for more than 25% of all commercial-building energy consumption. The DesignLights Consortium recently developed a specification and Qualified Products List for networked lighting controls, which utilities are now using to develop rebate programs promoting the technology. Those in existing homes are likely to order up the automation as part of their next remodeling plan, Smith says. About five years ago, Philips introduced a lighting control that allowed a homeowner to manage a single light via smartphone. please advise me if ther exist any time delay from the time a voice command is given, untill the action comes about Thanks. PFX Lighting Control Dimmer System. Easily monitor, control and optimize a Lutron control system from any tablet, PC or smartphone. Modern lighting control, wireless and wired, fully DALI compliant and certified . The most suitable choice depends on the application and the operator’s skill level. 4. “It does not have to be in an affluent home, nor a custom home. Justifying the Cost of Preventive Maintenance », Federal Bureau of Investigation Careers », NFMT - Facilities Education and Conference. @ Copyright 2021 Residential Products Online. The most common form of electric lighting control is the on/off "toggle" switch. Plus, many older switches and dimmers either won’t work with LED bulbs and fixtures or cause some lights to flicker. Thorlux offers a comprehensive range of emergency lighting control solutions from standalone emergency, through to full wireless control and monitoring systems. Other colors may be added to enhance the available color spectrum and ensure good color rendering. Setup is as easy as “pair and play” with a tap of the dimmer or keypad, or from the iPhone® or Android™ app. Lighting in a home has become so personal, says Chris O’Neill, global alliance director for Philips Lighting, “that what I do with it might not be the same as what you do with it.”. The device replaces an existing light switch and works with existing bulbs and fixtures. Facility managers also must have a grasp of key lighting controls trends to watch and of how to do upgrades involving replacement of luminaires with LEDs.

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