LIVE Online DJ Beginners Class with Kareem Raihani (DJ & Music Producer)

10th May 2020

10.00 - 18.30 (CET) Central European Time

Join us for a LIVE fully interactive Beginners DJ class led by Kareem Raïhani.

This one-day class is open to all levels of DJ experience – from none to expert! However, as a Beginner’s class, it is specifically geared towards those who are completely new to the world of DJing and looking to learn the introductory lessons and entry-level fundamentals.

It’s also a skill-appropriate class for those who already understand the basics and what to refresh their knowledge or gain a new perspective on music and DJing.

Whether you want to DJ Ecstatic Dance, in a Club or at a festival, or just for fun this 1 day course is for you. 

This will be an eight-hour online course complete with tutorials, individual practice time, and Q&A from Kareem.

Together we will fuel our bodies, minds, and souls with music, love, and community from the comfort of our own homes.

No previous experience is required, but a passion and deep enthusiasm for music and dance are desirable.

You will require access to the internet so we can connect via and a computer with a webcam and microphone.  Along with the DJ Software Traktor or Serato and a suitable DJ Controller.

Only 125.00 € (Euros)

<< Limited Spaces Available >>

Awaken Your Mind, Body & Spirit with this fully LIVE online DJ Training

during this class you will

Learn how to create magic on the dance floor as a DJ

Discover new ways of listening to, and mixing music

Experience  connection within the Ecstatic Dance community on-line

Awaken your full creative potential as an DJ

Feel supported by the Ecstatic Dance DJ training tribe as we learn and grow together

WHAT you Will learn

  • How to beat mix
  • How to create smooth and interesting transitions between tracks
  • How to manage and organize your music library 
  • How to mix emotion and flow into your DJ Sets         
  • How to match sound levels & effectively use EQs                
  • How to creatively use looping effects in the mix                    
  • How to use different genres and styles in a mix        
  • How to experience a new way of hearing and feeling music

Also you will be able to ask Kareem questions at the end of the teaching session in the fully interactive Q&A Session.

Your passion and dedication is key to learns all these new skills, and Kareem will give you the tools and experience of his 25 years to help level-up your DJ skills, and progress yourself as a DJ.

Training Schedule

Time Zone - Central European Time (CET)

10.00 (Start) - 18.30 (Finish)

  • 10.00 - 10.30 Introduction from Kareem and the Team
  • 10.30 - 11.30 Teaching Session 1
  • 11.30 - 12:00 Individual practice time (offline)
  • 12.00 - 12:45 Q&A with Kareem (Questions from the morning)
  • 12:45 - 14.00 Lunch Break
  • 14.00 – 15.00 Teaching Session 2
  • 15.00 – 15.30 Individual practice time (offline)
  • 15:30 – 16:00 Q&A with Kareem
  • 16:00 – 17:00 Teaching Session 3
  • 17:00 – 17:30 Individual practice time (offline)
  • 17:30 – 18:30 Q&A with Kareem & Closing

All teaching sessions are online via

What Equipment do I need to join ?

  • A computer with your DJ Software **  installed.
  • DJ Controller with FX functions. 
  • A minimum of 10 music digital music files of your own in your music library.
  • Access to the internet. 
  • A device you can login to ZOOM with (Ideally with a webcam & microphone).

When you sign up to the class we will send you a preparation list – Things you need to do be before joining the class. 

** Kareem will teach using Traktor Pro, so we recommend you use this DJ Programme. You can join the course if you use other DJ software such as Serato or Rekordbox, but we are very limited in the support we can offer you for other DJ Programmes.  


The price for the full day online training (8 hours approx, including breaks)

Only 125.00 € (Euros)

<< Spaces are limited >>

All payments are via bank transfer, once you have booked & registered we will email you with our bank account details.

More ABOUT THIS Training

Kareem Raihani will be sharing his 25 years of experience from behind the decks as a music producer and DJ on this Ecstatic Dance DJ training course. You will learn his skills, tricks and most importantly from his dedication and passion to a life-long career in music and movement.

Kareem will coach you on how to “set the dance floor on fire” and “create magic” with your Ecstatic Dance DJ sets. Celebrate life through rhythm, sound, movement and expression as you up-level your DJ skills and become a fully embodied Ecstatic Dance DJ during this Master Class training with Kareem Raïhani.

Kareem Raihani will be your mentor and teacher on this exclusive LIVE online MASTER CLASS Training.


Join the dancing tribe and take your DJ skills to the next level

MEET Your teacher KAreem Raïhani

Hi there, I am Kareem Raïhani.  Welcome to my DJ Master Class.

I’ve been a producer and creator of the Ecstatic Dance and Conscious Dance community in Europe for over 15 years. On many occasions during my career I’ve have been asked to teach my DJing skills to others, and until now I always declined, the time never felt right. I wanted to wait until the timing was perfect.

Meanwhile I was privately working on carefully distilling all I had learnt, experienced and demonstrated over the course of my long music career. The result is a series of  DJ Training courses which I am now ready, and super excited, to share with you now.

Creating this training involved delving back into my career of over 25 years of music production and DJing and reflecting upon the underground parties, festivals and gatherings I have been involved in. From those in the early days of my career, to those experienced more recently with the Ecstatic Dance festivals and gatherings in Europe. To look anew at the intense preparation, the outcomes, the hours/weeks/month/years spent in the studio honing my craft.

Looking back at the choices I’ve made along the way, to be where I am today. I believe every journey has a purpose, and looking back has enabled me to understand that my personal path leads me here: ready to share and empower others thanks to my own experiences. It gives me profound joy to pass on what I have honed and learned over a lifetime for the benefit of giving others a head start in their music career.

I will be raw and honest with you about the realities of DJing. Your first few gigs will see you working like crazy, and more exhausted afterwards than the dancers on the floor! During my first big gig I was so nervous, and my hands were shaking so hard, that I couldn’t get the needle on the record (yes it was back in the days of vinyl!). In those early days I did mess up, I did stop the wrong record or put the wrong tune on, which created the “awkward” drop on the dance floor. But improving and learning is all about experience, and I seek to use mine to teach you how to cope with any situations that may come your way. To be prepared is to be equipped to deal with challenges, and by learning from my experiences you will save yourself years of real life practice.

Sharing music with people, creating magic on the dance floor, being in the flow with the dancers. I will guide you to this state and teach you how to guide others. During the Ecstatic Dance DJ training you are going to learn how to come out of that awkward drop, or how to recover if you put the wrong tune on and how to overcome all other common challenges as a DJ.

You will learn all the tricks and skills you need, and have the knowledge to back them up. I will share with you the magic of DJing and pass on my skills, techniques and advice directly to you on this Ecstatic Dance DJ training course.

I am personally invested in every course I run: your success and development is what I strive to achieve. You will be working with someone who has experienced the highs and lows of a life spent working in Ecstatic Dance DJing, and you will benefit from my experiences as much as from the skills I will teach you. With my help, and your practice, you will emerge from the course energised, radiant and raring to take charge of your own DJing career.

I’m looking forward to meeting you soon, Love Kareem Raïhani.

Ps. If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to send a message and either myself or one of the team will get back to you.

Kareem Raïhani about Ecstatic Dance & Music

Why should i come on this course ?

  • To take my DJ Skills to the next level
  • To empower yourself as a strong and skilled Ecstatic Dance DJ
  • To experience a nurturing community environment where you are supported practically, emotionally and spiritually on your journey as a DJ.
  • To be taught by Kareem Raïhani an experienced international professional DJ at the height of his career
  • To connect with, and join, the wider Ecstatic Dance global DJing Community Online
  • To nurture your DJing talents, whether you are a beginner or a seasoned DJ


Kareem Raïhani


DJ & Music Producer

For more than 25 years Kareem Raïhani has been sharing his music throughout Europe and beyond. He is known as the “Shaman of Dance”, and is internationally celebrated for his Ecstatic Dance DJing. Kareem is a true pioneer of Ecstatic Dance, and was the first DJ to bring the movement to Conscious Festivals in Europe around 10 years ago. Kareem is now passionate about sharing his skills and experiences with fellow Ecstatic Dance DJs, and looks forward to personally nurturing new talent through his Ecstatic Dance DJing courses.

Kareem’s DJ sets contain many of his own productions and remixes. His music is all about being close to the heart and Mother Earth, about respecting ancient knowledge while being conscious of modern technology. His music is streamed and downloaded in over 50 countries. He is ever reaching for that transcendent moment when the trance kicks in and the dancer truly becomes the dance.

Tristan Gorski

Teaching Support

DJ & Ecstatic Dance Facilitator

Tristan is the co-founder of Ecstatic Dance Koh Phangan and has held weekly Ecstatic Dances at Jaran’s Yoga Retreat since December 2016. He facilitates and DJs Ecstatic Dance events around the world and has performed at the Angsbacka Tantra & Yoga Festival, the Ecstatic Dance Retreat Holland & the Ecstatic Dance Festival Corfu to name but a few.

Tristan will be supporting Kareem during the DJ Training. He is passionate about the connection between music and movement. He harnesses this special relationship during his Ecstatic Dance DJ sets by taking you on a real musical experience, creating a safe space for connection and exploration. A space where celebration and meditation melt together as one.

Tristan’s own journey with with Ecstatic Dance has been one of huge personal development and growth, where music and dance have helped cure his addiction to an unhealthy life style. He is now passionate about sharing with others the magic of Ecstatic Dance.

Ecstatic Dance Festival Corfu

A Kareem Raïhani Production


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