Who We Are

Meet your team of international teachers

Kareem Raïhani

DJ & Music Producer

For more than 20 Years, Kareem Raïhani has been sharing his music throughout Europe and beyond. His DJ sets are containing many of his own productions and remixes. Being close to the heart and Mother Earth, respecting ancient knowledge and conscious of modern technology.

Kareem’s Ecstatic Dance Dj sets are setting dance floors on fire! He is always reaching for that moment when the trance kicks in and the dancer becomes the dance. The only way to understand what all those dancers feel with Kareem’s music and dance is to simply experience it.



Tristan Gorski

DJ & Ecstatic Dance Facilitator

Tristan is the co-founder of Ecstatic Dance Koh Phangan and has held weekly Ecstatic Dances at Jaran’s Yoga Retreat since December 2016. He facilitates and DJs Ecstatic Dance events around the world and has performed at the Angsbacka Tantra & Yoga Festival, the Ecstatic Dance Retreat Holland & the Ecstatic Dance Festival Corfu to name but a few.

Tristan is passionate about the connection between music and movement. He harnesses this special relationship during his Ecstatic Dance DJ sets by taking you on a real musical experience, creating a safe space for connection and exploration.

Tristan’s own journey with with Ecstatic Dance has been one of huge personal development and growth, where music and dance have helped cure his addictions and unhealthy life style. He is now passionate about sharing with others the magic of Ecstatic Dance.

Christina Dohr

Embodiment Facilitator & Coach 

Christina is a certified Embodied Facilitator who leads workshops and individual sessions that tap into the power of embodiment. With a refined repertoire of facilitation skills she is able to share powerful tools and techniques that will help you develop confidence in leading yourself and others through movement and processes.

Christina draws on the principles inherent in dance, martial arts, yoga and meditation. She draws on her experience of the corporate sector, Ecstatic Dance, contact improv, facilitation and martial arts in her work.

Ina Elanor

Ecstatic Dance Facilitator & Social-Psychologist

Ina’s life-journey has led her to extended practices of Vipassana, Osho Meditations, Metta, Tantra Yoga, Qi Gong, Light Language Healing, Golden Ray Healing, astral and shamanic healing.

She is a certified Facilitator for DanceMandala Movement Meditation, facilitating Ecstatic Dances, Contact Dance Jams and teaching Authentic Embodiment, Authentic Movement and Contact Improvisation on Koh Phangan, where she is resident since 2017.

She took part in various dance intensives, including Goa Contemporary Dance Residency, Butoh, Somatic Bodywork, Performance Labs, Shamanic Trance Dance, Female Archetypes & Dancing Shadow Work, No Borders Project with Vangelis Legakis and years of dancing on Ecstatic Dance floors and Contact Improvisation.