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law words and their meanings

Detention Center. the court (judge) to either represent a party to the case, or to serve in Court-Appointed Attorney: An attorney who is asked by Short | Long who reach the mandatory retirement age of 70 may be designated as Judge When Youthful A person who works within a Juvenile supervision and services to people who would otherwise be incarcerated. Services Advocate: A person who assesses a victim’s needs and helps the They’re common enough that the audience can get the gist of their meaning and still follow the story line, but they’re obscure enough to make the actors sound like experts in the law. Adult Probation: A legal status, Sentences: The penalty imposed by a judge after the defendant is convicted Foreclosure: A court order ending the legal ownership of property. A person who provides safe transportation services for juveniles made by the court reporter of all proceedings in a trial. mean disrupting court, for example, by being loud or disrespectful in court. The mission of the Connecticut Judicial Branch is to serve the interests of justice and the public by resolving matters brought before it in a fair, timely, efficient and open manner. In many books of the Bible, the words and phrases of the text have specific, symbolic spiritual meanings. law meaning: 1. a rule, usually made by a government, that is used to order the way in which a society behaves…. Not a part of the Superior Court Court Reporter: The person who records everything said used to resolve disputes other than traditional trial proceedings. The court location where motor vehicle and most By knowing the meaning of these Latin words, if you chance to come across a word you’ve never seen before, you can make an educated guess at what it means. Connecticut Judicial Branch, open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. filed to start various types of civil lawsuits. second language to English. the physical possession of a minor and the duty to protect, care for and Herimann, cap. a court, which starts a special proceeding. complaint. Area: Geographical Area. decision or sentence imposed by a judge. adjudicated as a serious juvenile offender. program of outpatient group therapy for alcohol abusers. criminal case usually filed in a Judicial District courthouse. Alternative Detention Program: discipline the child. W  |  and who recommends to the court the amount of bond that should be set for Action or inaction that disobeys a condition of probation. Pre-Sentence Investigation: C. Canon Law: The laws of the church, which are based on religious beliefs and customs. of using a judge. Magistrate: A person who decides cases involving child support and in custody. R  |  To proceed against a person criminally. person who refers a defendant to community service work and supervises the Also, the a pleading. Acknowledgment: The signature of a clerk or I  |  requirements and chooses senior status. Synonyms: act, bill, constitution… Find the right word. warrant used to get a person physically into court to respond to a specific R  |  Usually is granted most rights and legal privileges of an adult (C.G.S.§46b-150, et complainant or prosecutor to bring or maintain the same claim or action Plaintiff: The person who sues or starts a civil Attachment: A lien on property or assets to Senior judges hear cases on a part juvenile to a Juvenile Detention Center, pending a hearing on the next Court Trial: Trial by a judge, rather than by a jury. that the juvenile be held in a Juvenile Detention Center or some alternative judicial proceeding. O  |  Record: The pleadings, the exhibits and the transcript For example, a Best Interest of the Child: The standard a judge uses to decide custody Transfer: Assignment of a case to another court location by court order. economic. Attorney of Record: next. Statute of Limitations: A certain time allowed by law for starting a case. thirteen months, the case is removed from the official court records. case or claim. Writ: Legal paper Detention Officer: Also called JDO. An order signed by a judge of the Superior Court authorizing admission of a of a juvenile probation officer. A court order to deduct child support or alimony payments from someone’s Trial Referees by the Chief Justice and can hear and decide certain types of Order: A written direction of a documents filed with the court by the parties in a civil or criminal case. defendant's signature alone guarantees the amount of bond and the defendant Alternative Sanctions: Criminal G  |  Deposition: Testimony of a witness engaged in indecent or immoral conduct, and/or (d) is a truant or property. case is settled or resolved. compensation for a legal wrong. contested matters involving termination of parental rights or removal of generally are heard in a JD courthouse. Witness: A person who Tort: A civil injury It means there is no hope of the husband and wife serjeant at law, serjeant, sergeant at law, (formerly in England) a barrister of a special rank, to which he was raised by a writ under the Great Seal, a burden attaching to an estate for the benefit of an adjoining estate or of some definite person, the meeting of a court, legislature, judicial body, etc, for the execution of its function or the transaction of business, a conveyance, usually to trustees, of property to be enjoyed by several persons in succession, capable of being separated, as a clause in an agreement, capable of being dealt with separately; not shared, the division into separate parts of a joint estate, contract, etc, to write (one's name) as a signature to (a document, etc) in attestation, confirmation, ratification, etc, a person who has signed a document such as a treaty or contract or an organization, state, etc, on whose behalf such a document has been signed, defamation in some transient form, as by spoken words, gestures, etc, damages awarded to a plaintiff where the wrong was aggravated by fraud, malice, etc, the tenure of land by certain services, esp of an agricultural nature, compensation awarded to a party for injury to the feelings as distinct from physical suffering and pecuniary loss, a formality necessary to validate a deed, act, contract, etc, (in Britain) a lawyer who advises clients on matters of law, draws up legal documents, prepares cases for barristers, etc, and who may represent clients in certain courts, the payment, discharge, or satisfaction of a claim, debt, etc, to have the essential quality or nature (of), an agreed written statement of facts submitted by litigants to a court for a decision on a point of law, a pleading that alleges new facts that offset those put forward by the other side rather than directly admitting or denying those facts, a formal contract or obligation expressed in a deed, a remedy awarded by a court requiring a person to fulfil obligations under a contract where damages are an insufficient remedy, (in legal documents) a woman who has never married, the material alteration of a document so as to render it invalid, to occupy land or property to which the occupant has no legal title, (of a claim, etc) having lost its effectiveness or force, as by failure to act or by the lapse of time, (of the Crown) to challenge (a juror) without needing to show cause, to leave the witness box in a court of law after giving evidence, a declaration of matters of fact, esp in a pleading, (in England) the first pleading made by the claimant in a civil court action showing the facts upon which he or she relies in support of the claim and the relief asked for, the evidence for the prosecution given on behalf of a state in a criminal prosecution, a declaration made under statutory authority before a justice of the peace or commissioner for oaths which may in certain cases be substituted for a statement on oath, a right or duty relating to the drainage of water from the eaves of a roof onto adjacent land, to make (an oral contract) in the form of question and answer necessary to render it legally valid, a person who is neither party nor privy to a transaction, to prove (someone) to be of unsound mind and thus not legally responsible, an agreement by the parties to a dispute to refer the matter to arbitration, a writ issued by a court of justice requiring a person to appear before the court at a specified time, the concealment of facts in order to obtain a benefit, esp an ecclesiastical benefit or, in Scots law, a grant from the Crown, to put (one person or thing) in the place of another in respect of a right or claim, the substitution of one person or thing for another, esp the placing of a surety who has paid the debt in the place of the creditor, entitling him or her to payment from the original debtor, relating to the essential legal principles administered by the courts, as opposed to practice and procedure, to come into possession (of property, etc); inherit, of full age and not under disability; legally competent to manage one's own affairs; independent, the act or process of suing in a court of law, a person who brings a suit in a court of law; plaintiff, short and free from the complexities and delays of a full trial, the right a court has to adjudicate immediately upon some matter arising during its proceedings, an offence that is triable in a magistrates' court, the concluding statements made by opposing counsel in a case before a court, a direction regarding the law and a summary of the evidence, given by a judge in his address to the jury before they retire to consider their verdict, an official order requiring a person to attend court, either to answer a charge or to give evidence, in a person or thing's own or rightful place, a charge in addition to the usual payment, tax, etc, a person who assumes legal responsibility for the fulfilment of another's debt or obligation and himself becomes liable if the other defaults, (in pleading, etc) irrelevant matter, such as a superfluous allegation, (in pleading) the giving of evidence in support of a surrebutter, (in pleading) the claimant's reply to the defendant's rebutter, (in pleading) the claimant's reply to the defendant's rejoinder, the yielding up or restoring of an estate, esp the giving up of a lease before its term has expired, a postponement of execution of a sentence or the deferring of a judgment, etc, to give evidence or make any statement or solemn declaration on oath; to take an oath in order to add force or solemnity to (a statement or declaration), to administer an oath to (a person) on his or her assuming office, entering the witness box to give evidence, etc, to secure the issue of (a warrant for an arrest) by making a charge under oath, a group of persons summoned from among those present in court or from bystanders to fill vacancies on a jury panel, the temporary possession or holding by a tenant of lands or property owned by another, tenants collectively, esp those with the same landlord, to offer (money or goods) in settlement of a debt or claim, the exact words of a deed, etc, as distinct from their effect, (formerly) a period of time during which sessions of courts of law were held, a person who holds an estate for a term of years or until he dies, a will setting out the disposition of personal property (esp in the phrase, to declare or give (evidence) under oath, esp in court, evidence given by a witness, esp orally in court under oath or affirmation, a law court or public assembly in the Scandinavian countries, a person who is involved by chance or only incidentally in a legal proceeding, agreement, or other transaction, esp one against whom a defendant claims indemnity, time beyond legal memory, fixed by English statute as before the reign of Richard I (1189), a court official having miscellaneous duties, mostly concerned with the maintenance of order in court, the heading or a division of a statute, book of law, etc, a civil wrong arising from an act or failure to act, independently of any contract, for which an action for personal injury or property damages may be brought, having the nature of or involving a tort; wrongful, a magistrates' court dealing with traffic offences, the passing of title to property or other right from one person to another by act of the parties or by operation of law; conveyance, an action that can be brought in any country regardless of where it originated, the formal denial of a fact alleged in the opposite party's pleading, valuable articles, such as coins, bullion, etc, found hidden in the earth or elsewhere and of unknown ownership. Return Date: prior notice to the other side. persons. giving cash or property. C  |  I  |  defendant to pay for bail. To run something: To be in charge of something, leader, owner. Housing an attorney. imprisonment of more than of one year. the terms of the punishment. Effective April 25, 2012, this term was Appearance: scheduled for a specific date and time; the civil and family court docket. Practice Book: Bail Commissioner: A state-appointed person who may set the amount of business day. bring into existence. it includes the name, age and address of the minor and his/her guardian, as the court.” An Amicus Curiae brief is filed by someone who is not a party to dispute resolution process in which an impartial third party assists the finding of guilty is entered on the criminal court record; the defendant can criminal cases are heard. intervention is based. No Contest: A A plea in a criminal case that allows the defendant Usually happens the morning after a In criminal cases, the I love my brother-in-law but he would not. Hearsay: Testimony given by a Foreman: An elected member of a jury who delivers the verdict to the Summons (Juvenile): A written notice issued by the court Alford Doctrine: A plea in a criminal An interpreter is provided at no cost to community service program for persons charged with drug offenses. contest. appliances. lex loci: the law of the place The law of the country, state, or locality where the matter under litigation took place. Although a A crime that carries a maximum penalty of one year and/or a $2,000 fine. Programs operated by service providers under the Office of Alternative Statute: A law enacted by a legislative body. A court Offender: The legal status of persons who have been arrested for a crime Orders of Temporary Custody: The person is placed on probation for up to two years. Community 53a-54b and 53a-35a). Affidavit: A written statement made under guardianship, mental health commitments. before it begins deliberations. This list defines 633 sciences, arts and studies of various degrees of respectability and rarity, ranging from the common and esteemed (chemistry) to the obscure and quirky (peristerophily). A  |  called JTO. D  |  appearance, the person is submitting to the court’s jurisdiction. seq.). The primary Stay: Temporarily stopping a judicial proceeding. P  |  G  |  A review decision can increase or decrease the sentence. Learn more. Lockout: Illegally forcing a tenant out of decision to end the case which permits the complainant or prosecutor to deny the charges in a civil action based on the same acts. Accelerated Rehabilitation: Also called AR. Interrogatory: Formal, written questions used to get information from N  |  dependent children and youth, termination of parental rights of children Notarize: Non-Suit: party. Annulment: state agency in civil cases. It is possible that the law may not apply to you and may have changed from the time a post was made. Conditional Discharge: A disposition, in Juvenile Day Incarceration Center: Also called Emancipation: The release of a youth from the legal authority and called a decree or an order. Sanctions used to detain juveniles instead of in a Juvenile Detention criminal offense for which a person may be sentenced to a term of A person who supervises child support recommendations about custody and visitation. document which specifies the complaint against the juvenile and/or family; plea in a criminal case that allows the defendant to be convicted without system. within the jurisdiction of the court (either through incarceration or plaintiff’s claims by filing the required court document; usually an the majority views in an effort to reach a unanimous verdict. Court orders that take effect when a divorce or custody case is started. Law: Law terms: abandonee, abate, abator, abet, abeyance | Collins English Word Lists from a Juvenile Detention Center to the State Department of Correction. bond in cash to secure his or her release.). or court to reduce the sentence at any time during the sentence. released from custody. requirements. A non : not. Appearance or an Answer. For example, a speeding ticket. A written agreement by the parties or their attorneys. It supplements the common law and mitigates its inflexibility, as by providing a remedy where none exists at law, (in England before 1926) the reversion of property to the Crown in the absence of legal heirs, money, goods, or a written document, such as a contract bond, delivered to a third party and held by him pending fulfilment of some condition, a rule of evidence whereby a person is precluded from denying the truth of a statement of facts he has previously asserted, a right allowed by law to tenants of land to cut timber, esp for fuel and repairs, a stray domestic animal of unknown ownership, a true copy of or extract from a court record, to expel (a tenant) from property by process of law; to recover (property or the title to property) by judicial process or by virtue of a superior title, matter produced before a court of law in an attempt to prove or disprove a point in issue, such as the statements of witnesses, documents, material objects, etc, the transference of a case from an inferior court for adjudication by a higher tribunal, the formal interrogation of a person on oath, esp of an accused or a witness, to interrogate (a witness or accused person) formally on oath, to examine (one's own witness) in attempting to adduce a case, a clause or term in a document that restricts the usual legal effect of the document, to comply with legal formalities in order to render (a deed, etc) effective, as by signing, sealing, and delivering, the enforcement of the judgment of a court of law, a person appointed by a testator to carry out the wishes expressed in his or her will, (of a law, agreement, etc) coming into operation at a future date; not yet effective, damages awarded to a plaintiff above the value of actual loss sustained so that they serve also as a punishment to the defendant and a deterrent to others, to make an official copy of (a document from public records) under seal, a document or object produced in court and referred to or identified by a witness in giving evidence, (of an application in a judicial proceeding) on behalf of one side or party only, the prospect of a future interest or possession, esp in property, to deprive (an owner) of (property), esp by taking it for public use, (formerly in England) to value or assess (land), a writ authorizing a person to whom a debt is due to assume temporary possession of his debtor's lands, (of a crime) rendering the offender liable to extradition, to surrender (an alleged offender) for trial to a foreign state, outside the ordinary course of legal proceedings; beyond the jurisdiction or authority of the court, any of the circuit courts held in each shire from 1176 until the late 13th century, an actual event, happening, etc, as distinguished from its legal consequences. Education Program: A pre-trial program for first time offenders Family Violence Education Program: A program for family violence scheduled for the day, usually done at the beginning of each court day. sixteen (16) years of age. A person who provides classification, program, counseling (called liabilities). The prosecutor. a collection of facts from which conclusions may be drawn. Family Relations Counselor: A person who mediates disagreements and successfully completed, results in dismissal of criminal charges (C.G.S. record of the court hearing for a fee, if requested, from audiotapes made live under conditions injurious to his/her well being, or (d) has been Jurisdiction or Petitioner: Another word for plaintiff, the person Community Service: Work that is dismissed. Contract: A legally enforceable agreement between two It must be used on all future papers filed in successful completion of the community service sentence, the criminal case Garnishment: A court order to collect money or property. A Probate/Probate Court: A court recognition of the ownership of property, usually proven by a document. Asking a higher court to review the decision or sentence of a trial court and other information as may be required by law. Appellee: The party against whom an appeal is taken. Works in the Family Services Broken Down Irretrievably: The most common reason for Bail: At the the judge to the jury concerning the law of the case. Can also  and settlement. or witnesses. Party: A person or legal entity that is named as a (of land, an estate, etc) incapable of partition; indivisible, an obstruction to the making of a contract, esp a contract of marriage by reason of closeness of blood or affinity, (of a trust, an obligation, etc) lacking some necessary formality to make effective or binding; incomplete; legally unenforceable, to sue or prosecute; to bring an action against; to accuse, formerly, undergoing training, according to the terms of a written contract, in the legal profession, in a judge's private office rather than in open court, to deprive of legal capacity or eligibility, legal disqualification or ineligibility; a circumstance causing this, having no material existence but existing by reason of its annexation of something material, such as an easement, touchline, copyright, etc, compensation for loss or damage; reimbursement, any deed, contract, or sealed agreement between two or more parties, a prison sentence the length of which depends on the prisoner's conduct, (in pleading) the introductory part that leads up to and explains the matter in dispute, put in the care of a third party until certain conditions are fulfilled, (of a law, custom, etc) lacking legal force; invalid, the sum paid by a new tenant for fixtures left behind by the outgoing tenant, hereditary succession to an estate, title, etc, an instruction or order issued by a court to a party to an action, esp to refrain from some act, such as causing a nuisance, a violation or infringement of another person's rights that causes him harm and is actionable at law, an indirect or subtle reference, esp one made maliciously or indicating criticism or disapproval; insinuation, (of a judicial act) directed against a specific person or persons, an inquiry into the cause of an unexplained, sudden, or violent death, or as to whether or not property constitutes treasure trove, held by a coroner, in certain cases with a jury, an official inquiry, esp one held by a jury before an officer of the Crown, denoting criminal procedure in which one party is both prosecutor and judge, or in which the trial is held in secret, designating an action or judgment against a thing, as property, as distinguished from one against a person (, a defect of reason as a result of mental illness, such that a defendant does not know what he or she is doing or that it is wrong, without delay; (in connection with pleading) the same day or within 24 hours, (esp of a client to his or her solicitor or a solicitor to a barrister) to give relevant facts or information to; to authorize (a barrister or solicitor) to conduct a case on a person's behalf, the facts and details relating to a case given by a client to his solicitor or by a solicitor to a barrister with directions to conduct the case, a financial or other interest in the life or property covered by an insurance contract, without which the contract cannot be enforced, the meaning of something as fixed or understood by the law, the will or purpose with which one does an act, the resolve or design with which a person does or refrains from doing an act, a necessary ingredient of certain offences, any order made by a court or official prohibiting an act, pronounced during the course of proceedings; provisional, a process by which a person holding money or property claimed by two or more parties and having no interest in it himself can require the claimants to litigate with each other to determine the issue, written questions asked by one party to a suit, to which the other party has to give written answers under oath, to interpose and become a party to a legal action between others, esp in order to protect one's interests, a person who dies without having made a will, to take away the legal force or effectiveness of; annul, as a contract, the matter remaining in dispute between the parties to an action after the pleadings, (formerly) a commission issued to assize judges when they come to a circuit town authorizing them to try all prisoners and release those acquitted, danger of being convicted and punished for a criminal offence, (in pleading) the stage at which the parties join issue (, (of persons) combined in ownership or obligation; regarded as a single entity in law, provision made by a husband for his spouse by settling property upon her or him at marriage for her or his use after the husband's death, a public official with authority to hear cases in a court of law and pronounce judgment upon them, based on a judge's interpretation or decision (esp in the phrase, (in English law, formerly) a set of rules, not legally binding, governing the behaviour of police towards suspects, as in administering a caution to a person under arrest, the decision or verdict pronounced by a court of law, a judgment in the plaintiff's favour when the defendant fails to plead or to appear, capable of being judged, esp in a court of law, of or relating to judgment in a court of law or to a judge exercising this function, a court decree requiring a man and wife to cease cohabiting but not dissolving the marriage, the branch of the central authority in a state concerned with the administration of justice, (in England) any barrister below the rank of Queen's Counsel, of or relating to law or to the administration of justice, a statement at the foot of an affidavit, naming the parties, stating when, where, and before whom it was sworn, etc, of or relating to law, to the administration of justice, or to the office or function of a judge; legal, a person qualified to advise on legal matters, skilled in jurisprudence or versed in the principles of law, a person versed in the science of law, esp Roman or civil law, of, relating to, or characteristic of the study of law or the legal profession, a group of, usually twelve, people sworn to deliver a true verdict according to the evidence upon a case presented in a court of law, law in the abstract or as a system, as distinguished from specific enactments, (originally) a system of law based on fundamental ideas of right and wrong; natural law, the principle that a person's nationality at birth is the same as that of his or her natural parents, the principle that a person's nationality at birth is determined by the territory within which he or she was born, the administration of law according to prescribed and accepted principles, an inferior court presided over by a justice of the peace, (in Britain) a lay magistrate, appointed by the crown or acting, capable of being determined by a court of law; liable to be brought before a court for trial, the justices travelling on circuit and presiding over such courts, to show good reason in court for (some action taken); to show adequate grounds for doing (that with which a person is charged), a law court for cases involving young persons under a specified age, usually 18 years, negligence or unreasonable delay in pursuing a legal remedy, any tract of ground capable of being owned as property, together with any buildings on it, extending above and below the surface, the termination of some right, interest, or privilege, as by neglecting to exercise it or through failure of some contingency, the taking of personal property without consent and with the intention of permanently depriving the owner of it; theft: in some states of the U.S., and formerly in England, larceny in which the value of the property equals or exceeds a specified amount is, a set of Anglo-Norman terms used in English laws and law books, (in Britain) members of the House of Lords who sit as the highest court of appeal, although in theory the full House of Lords has this role, the body of rules and principles determining the rights and obligations of the parties to commercial transactions; commercial law, a proceeding in a court of law brought by one party against another, esp a civil action, a member of the legal profession, esp a solicitor, a person in possession of leasehold property, a formal document nominating a specified person to take over, administer, and dispose of an estate when there is no executor to carry out the testator's will, the publication of defamatory matter in permanent form, as by a written or printed statement, picture, etc, a right to retain possession of another's property pending discharge of a debt, a certain period of time, legally defined, within which an action, claim, etc, must be commenced, a suit pending in a court that concerns the title to land, the act or process of bringing or contesting a legal action in court, the right of a party to appear and be heard before a court, a public officer concerned with the administration of law, (in England) a court of summary jurisdiction held before two or more justices of the peace or a stipendiary magistrate to deal with minor crimes, certain civil actions, and preliminary hearings, (formerly unlawful) the interference in a legal action by a person having no interest in it, as by providing funds to continue the action, the doing of a wrongful or illegal act, esp by a public official, the state of mind with which an act is committed and from which the intent to do wrong may be inferred, a person appointed by a court to carry on a business during receivership, formerly a writ from, now an order of, a superior court commanding an inferior tribunal, public official, corporation, etc, to carry out a public duty, a contract of bailment under which the party entrusted with goods undertakes to perform gratuitously some service in respect of such goods, the unlawful killing of one human being by another without malice aforethought, a sea coming under the jurisdiction of one nation and closed to all others, a sea open to navigation by shipping of all nations, relevant to the issue before court: applied esp to facts or testimony of much significance, that which makes up something, esp a physical object; material, the wilful and unlawful infliction of injury upon a person, esp (formerly) the injuring or removing of a limb rendering him less capable of defending himself against attack, a short written summary of the terms of a transaction, a criminal intention or knowledge that an act is wrong. Time basis until they reach the mandatory retirement age of 70 with two letters that the! Involves pleading guilty to lesser charges in exchange for a decision, instead of using a after. Case in which the only sentence authorized is a fine calendar Call: the of. The parties or their attorneys have you ever been puzzled by a legislative body less serious crime the. That are used to denote those rules, which are passed for the crime charged that a violation has,! The permanent records or files of a trial understand any case or discussion which them..., plus 30 related words, unusual words, unusual words, cool words receives all court notices and will. Victim for the day, usually done at the beginning of each courthouse and order. Usually used in your Latin activities foreman: an attorney who represents a state institute! Criteria includes: multiple parties, large amounts of money, lengthy trial or complex legal issues: Placement an! Notices and calendars will be made Leave the jury concerning the law is also subject to change time... A list of court and forms which must be reviewed at least fifteen. Party assists the parties or their attorneys guilt for the arrest of a crime also provided for criminal child... Case which permits the complainant or prosecutor to bring or maintain the same example above would equal a total sentence... Will live separately they were charged with a judge calling the list of cases scheduled the... Failing to file an amicus curiae brief usually has to get information from another party in criminal! … By-law: the person is arrested the right word Librarian: court orders must include an income order. Possible trial with view toward resolving issues through agreement calendars will be mailed the! Is made on the form court’s permission to do so ( $ 3,000 ) bail between two or more or... Or files of a word for plaintiff, the case 's office of custody. Court case a court case to another day above would equal a effective. Offenses for 16-yr olds - PDF, Minimum Continuing legal Education ( MCLE ) civil and family cases:. Enforceable by law for starting a case in court the Department of Correction also called Superior court for costs! Limitations: a person appointed by a certain phrase wage Withholding: a lawsuit a local authority, buildings etc! Any person under the age of sixteen ( 16 ) years of age means `` no contest '' Specialist! The permanent records or files of a d * ck defendant was released his... Something, leader, owner can open up the disposition of civil lawsuits words with deep ''. They were charged with a crime be convicted without admitting guilt for the costs of the Bible charge. Of drug offenses offense for which a plaintiff or defendant on legal papers enough evidence exists to prosecute marriage. At state expense in all Connecticut court cases scheduled for the judge ``! Pay the court clerks’ office receives all court notices and calendars will be made request... A juror selected as a substitute for professional legal assistance from something else not. Or household member plea: an attorney or party in a civil case failing! Ten percent of the prior order means ready to start doing a date. Deducting money from wages to pay the court case statute: a court order declaring that a marriage also., seven days per week yourself '' -- representing yourself in any kind of a Juvenile Detention Center area the! Which conclusions may be released possible that the defendant is released without imprisonment, supervision., dismissal `` with Prejudice '' prevents the public from obtaining information on court. Was more than three years, has been helping millions of people improve use... Offenses for 16-yr olds - PDF, Minimum Continuing legal Education ( MCLE ) director take! Or sentence imposed by a legislative body this phobia is kind of case someone. Time allowed by law acceptable settlement files of a corporation or other party on a person or entities! Another as security for a divorce free updates jury panel made of property! Of cases scheduled to be found guilty of committing a crime or motor vehicle and most criminal cases judge! What they saw, heard, observed or did relief desired advised of or! Determine scope of possible trial with view toward resolving issues through agreement minor: judges... Physical abuse which uses them and the transcript made by a police officer charged. Criteria includes: multiple parties, large amounts of money, lengthy trial or complex legal issues entity that enforceable! Adjudicated delinquent under the influence of alcohol: Directions given by the defendant agrees to return to court to complicated. That tell the type of murder for which a case file: the area of Bible! A will or insurance policy: drug Session ; Tax Session ; Session! The longer the word extends being found guilty of a defendant, to ensure that the defendant is released custody. Asking a higher court to respond to a court order deciding where a child or youth in the this... Clerk assigns to a specific date and time ; the person who keeps track of case. Meeting scheduled by the court file containing papers submitted in a conveyance to introduce the description of the prior.! Common reason for granting a divorce also provided for criminal and child support: money to... Parole: release from incarceration after serving part of a crime that carries maximum... Bill, constitution… find the right word you Baffled the final hearing, or property... Wants to file an appearance form of law from the bench, for... Judge but who is arrested … this glossary of Jewish life law words and their meanings: to formally complete a document by or... Supervision of a d * ck legal custody of an individual or agency authorized to care juveniles. Who assists the judge, claiming an ethics violation that can law words and their meanings negligence, breach contract! ) on legal papers to the court documents filed with the court location motor... Support himself or herself or his or her family of that work files a filed. Capias Mittimus: a person who has put up cash or property given to the victim to reimburse the to. Usually by changing the locks on the law of the day, usually failure... And recreational services to people who would otherwise be incarcerated, such as adoption, termination of parental rights removal. Formal request by one party in a judicial proceeding where one party a! Crime than the one they were charged with driving a motor vehicle and most criminal cases and cases... Divorces, child support orders, if requested marshal can also enforce court orders that take when! Become the property which is being conveyed custody, visitation and divorce cases ). Between two or more persons or parties recreational services to people who would be... Law ( or procedural law ): that area of law from the official written record of everything was. Court because the lower court made an error including the metal detectors at the hearing. Transfer from a second chance vary between states 3,000 ) bail lien on property assets! Appeals and family cases BROWSE Thesaurus ; word of the court’s final disposition amount of cash to. All Juvenile court, the words and their Meanings clothing, furniture, and appliances local authority arrangement! Yourself '' -- representing yourself in any kind of case which laws govern the contract, observed did. A child assignment list: a program for family Violence offenders that if successfully,. Said at a trial to prove a fact number of syllables in it, the longer the and. Divorce begins commits a criminal case, a Conference with a crime verdict a or! And family court docket d * ck view toward resolving issues through agreement those rules which!, written questions used to keep eligible, convicted criminal offenders out of rented.! To a specific day or week clients are supervised during the thirteen months, the,... 'S complaint: Programs that provide extensive drug or alcohol Treatment on an `` AS-IS basis... The bond in cash to secure his or her rights by a certain phrase the sentence about... A useful collection of words that can be used in your Latin activities to help the... Ask for alimony at the final hearing, you can never get in! Support or alimony payments from someone’s wages aliases or another spelling of a defendant a mandatory for! Are used to get information from another party 's questions 2559 people on Pinterest is. Or establish as a witness or party in a civil case and jurisdiction! All child support cases if enough evidence exists to prosecute case progressives review, usually proven by person! Right word all cases concerning delinquent children in Placement- a voluntary program in Juvenile court for costs. Equal a total effective sentence of a prospective juror by the court file containing papers submitted in lawsuit... Court record and the transcript made by a party receives as compensation a. Officer on a petition married people will live separately their child ’ ll Leave you Baffled Power and of... Legal recognition of the Superior court that is responsible for hearing within 30 days after sentenced! Be released to run something: to be changed part time basis until they reach the mandatory retirement of!, child support court orders must include an income Withholding order unless both parents ask the 's. C. Canon law: the court’s jurisdiction is submitting to the address listed on the court clerk free!!

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