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kale banana smoothie benefits

Carotenoids and flavonoids are two of the main substances that are abundant in kale. 1 cup ice If you are not a fan of the kale you can always swap it for spinach if that will help you love this smoothie even more!! Add lemon or lime juice. This really is the best smoothie for a nice warm summer day. Pound for pound, kale contains more protein than red meat. Total time – 7 minutes. The truth is as soon as we hit puberty, our brain is steadily losing its vigor and declining! Delicious and refreshing! Ingredients: Apart from that, Vitamin K also helps with increasing bone health by preventing bones from breaking down. FRUIT Frozen fruits like strawberries, berries, pineapple, peaches, even cherries will give a smoothie … Only herbs such as thyme and parsley has more Vitamin K per gram than kale. Sometimes depending on what type of blender you have you might need to add in some extra liquid to get it started! Perfect as breakfast for those busy mornings. I am stoked that you liked this recipe so much!! How To Lower Cholesterol Using Smoothies? Kale is one of my favorite vegetables  due to its high nutrient contents. Bananas contain many phytonutrients and antioxidants that contribute to the health benefits listed above. I also add pumpkin protein powder. 10 Health Benefits of Pineapple. We also call this smoothie “Oh Kale Yeah!”. It Is an Excellent Source of Vitamin C. Vitamin C is an important water-soluble antioxidant that … Ecocert Certified Fair Trade: The ingredients and supply chain must meet standards of traceability and transparency as well as economic and social responsibility. Adding kale and spinach to your smoothie adds little flavor but mega benefits! Gluten-Free Vegan Kale and Banana Green Smoothie. Now that’s a very good reason to start eating our leafy green vegetables right =). 1 tablespoon flax or chia seeds I love how these green smoothies are making me feel…it’s definitely a lifestyle change. I really liked the kale banana smoothie yum. Smoothies are so versatile, and you can use whatever ingredients appeal to you. Which is weird, because kale can taste pretty horrible in smoothies, especially if you have my knack for odd flavour combinations. Puree until smooth. No one wants leafy chunks! KALE This healthy smoothie is loaded with kale! Mango kale smoothie benefits. You’ll feel like a superhero after having this kale banana smoothie. Another tip to hide kale in your smoothie is to make sure you blend it well. Really great. 1 cup spinach Add lemon or lime juice. 1/2 cup soy milk 2 cups ice. Another important benefit of phytonutrients is to increase brain health. Custom shopping list + save your favs. Not only that, Vitamin A is important in synthesizing the immune system antibodies. It’s rich with all natural ingredients, Vitamin C and has amazing flavor. Kale. This sale is so special, you can’t actually see the price until you add it to your cart! My mission? Yield – 2. There are several things you can do to counteract the bitterness. There are dozens of nutrients in kale but I only listed the 7 most abundant nutrient in the list above. . I love this banana kale smoothie because you get all of these health benefits AND it actually tastes great. YAY!! All About Lettuce : Types, Nutritional Value And Smoothies, Difference Between Juicer And Blender – A Brief Comparison, Healthy Breakfast Smoothie For Energy : My List of Best Calorie Rich Fruits. But then what nutrient kale has and what health benefits can we expect by eating it? If you make this as a Kale Pineapple Banana Smoothie (using banana instead of avocado), it will be 84 calories with 2 grams of fat and 8.9 grams of sugar per serving. Powered by WordPress. The nutrients above are listed according to their percentage of Recommended Dietary Allowances (RDA) taken from here . 1 teaspoon maple syrup or honey or stevia It is also needed for normal cell growth and development. Here is a great protein powder that we love: https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B001OHX1ZY/ref=as_li_qf_sp_asin_il_tl?ie=UTF8&camp=1789&creative=9325&creativeASIN=B001OHX1ZY&linkCode=as2&tag=wwwfamilyspon-20&linkId=YWJGFX3FCCSLGEGC. Help you fuel your body so you can go after your passions. Kale, Apple, Banana Smoothie. If all else fails, gulp it down using a straw. Bananas are the perfect smoothie ingredient. How To Make A Kale Smoothie. I really like this one. Combination of spinach, kale, carrot, orange and apple will give you a huge boost in Vitamin A, K and C. Not to mention the whole range of cancer fighting anti-oxidants and anti-inflammatory substances in them. These healthy drinks are known as the “Plant Blood” or “Life Juice”, many have confirmed its effectiveness in losing weight and ultimately transforming lives. Our best-selling healthy cookbooks are here! Use at least one frozen fruit to make the smoothie cold or serve over ice. Well, a lot. To balance out the bitterness from kale, I add chocolate chips! 1 cup kale Summer kale can be extremely bitter due to the heat. It makes a great breakfast option, snack, or … Taking its name from Koagulationsvitamin from a German Medicine Journal, Vitamin K is responsible to help blood clot such as during a bleeding. Our website hasn't been evaluated by the FDA and is not intended to diagnose, treat, prevent, or cure any disease. You can see a detailed outline of the nutritional data underneath the recipe. 2 cups kale Blood cell production in bone marrow also require Vitamin A for its processes. Required fields are marked *. 1 banana 1 cup water. 8 Delicious Banana Smoothie Recipes. cumin, jarred pickled chilies, tortillas, garlic cloves, olive oil and 8 more. And don’t think that brain decline is associated with old age only. Dark, leafy green veggies, especially kale, are the most nutrient-dense foods on Earth. . Kale yeah it is! The feeling that we are wiser as we become adult are just because of more knowledge and experience gained. Try a green smoothie classic today. It’s also high in fiber and water which help keep your digestive tract humming along and prevent constipation. The two conditions are also heavily linked to risks to develop cancer. They lower the risk of macular degeneration. Ingredients. This kale banana smoothie is such a fun one, and full of vitamin C, so a great immunity booster as well! Keywords: kale banana smoothie, kale smoothie, vegan smoothie, green smoothie. Access 250+ recipes on our #1 smoothie app on iTunes. 1 cup ice. Break the bananas into chunks and add to the blender. What I would advocate is to eat the whole range of vegetables that we have here. Although it has huge amount of nutrients, kale does not have a few select vitamins and minerals. I’ll list down some of the health benefits from this wonder vegetable and as a bonus, a few smoothie recipes using kale as the main ingredient. Not as healthy maybe but tastes really good! Dark greens help protect against osteoporosis and inflammatory diseases, as well as being high in cancer-fighting antioxidants. Kale, spinach, bok choy, lettuce – all of them provides different amount of vitamins and minerals that would not be accessible if we are restricting to just one vegetable only. The fruit really do help balance it all out! I'm a girl who transformed my family's health by eating more plants. Low in fat and calories, and high in vitamins, kale is something to have on a regular basis. Put all into a blender and blend till smooth. Banana. Yet there’s always a work-around to that. 10 oz water This kale smoothie recipe is a new favorite and is the perfect detox smoothie. Required fields are marked *. Kale contains a huge amount of Vitamin A, about 885 mcg or 98% of RDA per 1 cup. I'm a girl who transformed my family's health by eating more plants. This is very important to prevent osteoporosis – a symptom of bone strength decreasing that is common with older people and menopause women. Simply delicious! What protein powder should I use to increase the protein to use the smoothie as a meal replacement. And we’re always ok with a little added coconut water, we love that hydration! Mango kale smoothie ingredients. You gotta try my organic smoothie protein powder that took 4 years to create. The Ingredients. In just one cup of kale, there is 134% RDV vitamin C and A, 684% RDV of vitamin K, plus vitamin B6, manganese, calcium, copper, potassium, and magnesium. Hope that helps! Put all the ingredients into a blender and blend until smooth. 1/2 cup water 1 cup green grapes Delicious and easy to make. Our actual brain power in terms of learning ability, focusing ability and others are slowly decreasing. Pretty cool, right? A combination of kale with pear, grapes and banana is very nice indeed. It is even higher than spinach (888 mcg or 987% of RDA). Well, that is very true. Tasty, plant-powered recipes for all seasons. 4- Breville Boss – An alternative to the Vitamix and Blendtec. This Kale Banana Smoothie features the leafy green superstar blended with an array of fruit. Not all leafy greens have a strong flavor, for example spinach is very mild. To prove my point, below is the list of nutrients that Kale has (in 1 cup or 130 g): 1- Vitamin K – 1062 mcg or 1180% of RDA2- Vitamin A – 885 mcg or 98% of RDA3- Vitamin C – 53 mg or 71% of RDA4- Manganese – 0.54 mg or 27% of RDA5- Copper – 0.20 mg or 22% of RDA6- Vitamin B6 – 0.18 mg or 11% of RDA7- Fiber – 2.60 g or 10% of RDA. Yay!!! That’s what made Vitamin K an important vitamin for the elderly and growing children alike. Yay!!! Vitamin A For Eye Health And Cell Growth. 2 pieces organic kale leaves (de-stemmed) US Customary - Metric. One cup is 8 oz and I believe it is 236 ml for the conversion. Share a photo and tag us — we can’t wait to see what you’ve made! That is definitely the perfect word to describe this recipe. Baby varieties of bitter greens such arugula, kale, and bok choy tend to be sweeter and milder than the mature greens. And I am not exaggerating at all. 3- Blendtec Designer 625 – A close rival to the Vitamix Married my high school love, have 2 kiddos, love national parks + running. I had to add a little extra water to get it to blend. One of the health benefits of consuming spinach and banana smoothies is increased vitamin K intake. Fresh kale leaves, ripe banana, frozen mango pieces, milk of your choice, Greek yogurt and honey. Pineapples are high in vitamin C and are a … How much is a cup? Liked this one. 1 cup kale Add a tiny pinch of sea salt. Besides just eating one type of food will be quite boring right =), Your email address will not be published. Coupled with a very low calorie, it is a very nutrient dense food that we can eat. Soy milk. Your email address will not be published. You can place the kale, banana, mango, and avocado in an airtight bag (I use reusable Stasher bags) and store it in the freezer for up to 3 months.When you’re ready to make your smoothie… Instruction: But I believe we must not be too confined with just one vegetable. Phytonutrients with its anti-oxidant properties can protect our brain cells from oxidation damage to prevent brain decline. 1 half orange Well, that is very true. Strawberries. Seriously. My mission? One cup of raw kale ... Pineapple. 1/2 pear Glad you were able to make the adjustments so your blender could blend it nice and smooth. A normal blender will just cut kale into tiny pieces and trust me, you won’t want to drink those smoothies. 2 tablespoon ginger Leafy green vegetables are notorious for being hard to blend. The amount of vitamins you’ll get depends on the fruits and … A high performance blender with a powerful motor (more than 1000 watt) is important for a smooth delectable smoothie. It will have you saying “Oh Kale Yeah!”This is one of our most popular green smoothie recipes. 1 cup homemade almond milk. 2- Nutribullet Rx – A high performance personal blender Ingredients. Greek yogurt. Ingredients: I love this recipe!!! The downside is that it can leave a bitter taste. Kale contains fiber, antioxidants, calcium, vitamin K, and many others. So happy to hear you loved this recipe!! Privacy Policy Designed using Chromatic WordPress Theme. I loved this smoothie. It’s also a good source of vitamin C and iron. This truly is a simple green smoothie one of my favorites. These two conditions are the result of eating a diet without sufficient anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory which are abundant in leafy green vegetables (such as kale and spinach). I’ve listed some of the nutrient content in a banana below: 1- Vitamin B6 – 0.43 mg or 25% RDA 2- Manganese – 0.32 mg or 16% RDA 3- Vitamin C – 10.27 mg or 14% RDA 4- Fiber – 3.07 g or 12% RDA 5- Potassium – 433 mg or 12% RDA 6- Biotin – 3.07 mcg or 10% RDA 7- Copper – 0.09 mg or 10% RDA *RDA = Recommended Dietary Allowances You might have heard that Vitamin A is important for a good eye health. Here I blog about smoothie benefits (there are countless of them, really) and some reviews of the best blenders and juicers out there. Their soft, creamy texture eliminates the need for a dairy (milk or yogurt) base which allows you to reap the full health benefits of a banana smoothie. Your email address will not be published. Kale in smoothies. Ideal for – Breakfast/Beverage. Eating a normal western diet without sufficient nutrients from vegetables and fruits will lead us to have oxidative stress and chronic inflammation. 1 apple I like to chop up some bananas and keep them in the freezer to use for smoothies because they make them nice and cold, and also lend a creamy texture. Check out these recommend blenders that will give you that high performance blending power that you need. If you add raw kale to a blender with some ice-cold water, a sweet apple, along with a banana (preferably frozen) it blends into this refreshing light green color smoothie, with a delicious sweet taste! You might have heard that Vitamin A is important for a good eye health. Kale has the most amount of Vitamin K in the leafy green vegetables at 1062 mcg or 1180% of RDA. The acidity of the lemon helps counteract the bitterness. Bitter foods aren’t necessarily a bad thing; most are rich in antioxidants which prevent cellular damage from free radicals. I once made a kale smoothie with the wrong mix of fruit (I think I used pineapple and kiwifruit) that tasted like burnt rubber. Start blending on a lower speed until the … Vitamin A compounds play a huge role and are present in our retina. This delicious Kale Banana smoothie is a family favorite … Smoothies 101Free 7-Day ChallengeAbout Us. The acidity of the lemon helps counteract the bitterness. This would have to be my favourite green smoothie of all time. If you’d like to save yourself some effort in the morning, try assembling a few make-ahead smoothie bags when you have 10 minutes to spare. Vitamin A compounds play a huge role and are present in our retina. This rejuvenating detox smoothie is loaded with kale, banana, blueberries, … 1/2 lemon Healthy Kale Smoothie - Raw Kale Smoothie Recipe with Banana Looking at the impressive nutrient list, I do tend to agree. Place kale and water in blender. If all else fails, gulp it down using a straw. How could a person go wrong with this smoothie – absolutely healthy and delicious too! Very easy. Green smoothies offer pure nutrition. Kale, like any other leafy greens contains lots of phytonutrients. Happy blending! You can also name it "banana acai smoothie" or "kale acai smoothie". Had to use 1.5 cups coconut water to thin it out . Mango boosts your immune system and improves digestion. Featuring whole foods like kale, banana, apple, and kiwi, it’s sure to fuel you through any busy day you have planned. Although I tend to use a cup and a half of water rather than just one cup. Add a natural sweetener. Married my high school love, have 2 kiddos, love national parks + running the Grand Canyon. Also, right now you can get my favorite blender from Vitamix for the best price I’ve ever seen. Banana Health Benefits. Learn my go-to natural remedies that'll boost your immune system, crush your next cold and help ease congestion quickly. Today I put a big, tightly packed cup of organic kale into my smoothie and it was perfect. It makes me feel like I am laying by a pool on these cold days , Had this one for breakfast with a handful of cashews! Kale is protein and fiber-rich, and a leafy green superstar. Category: Smoothie Calories: 250 Keyword: kale pineapple smoothie. Fair for life. Risk of heart disease and diabetes may also be reduced by consuming bitter foods. 1 orange Addition of ginger will provide the sharp flavor that I (and many others) absolutely love! As an Amazon Affiliate, I earn on qualifying purchases. It’s just $298 and shipping is FREE. A quick kale and banana smoothie for those in hurry. Your email address will not be published. If you haven’t fallen in love with kale yet, then this kale banana smoothie recipe might just make you! Here’s a healthy green Kale Banana Smoothie recipe that packs one heck of a nutritious punch. Kale is a stronger tasting green but the pineapple and banana really sweeten it up. Ingredients: The vitamin C in kale helps the body absorb the iron. Our best-selling cookbooks are here! They have been shown to have anti-oxidant, anti-inflammatory and anti-cancer properties. (You can read more about plant-based protein in this post.). Personalized meal plans with smoothies, snacks and meals to energize and nourish the family. Help you fuel your body so you can go after your passions. I spent lots of time and lots of greens researching blenders to see which ones were best at blending those greens to smooth perfection and you can find my guide here –  The Ultimate Blender Guide. This smoothie is packed with nutrients and antioxidants. This Kale, Apple, and Banana Smoothie is my favorite smoothie, and I make it a few times a week for breakfast. The combination of fruits and kale make for a very healthy way to add some plant-based power into your day. … It was a bit thick, so I added more water to it, and it made the perfect amount for me and my 4 year old. Yeah! Green Detox Smoothie. Kale contains a huge amount of Vitamin A, about 885 mcg or 98% of RDA per 1 cup. Instruction: Those grown in the colder times of year will also be sweeter. How to hide kale in your smoothie. This will be perfect in the summer. Feel like I started my day like a rawkstar . That is why we do what we do. Kale, also known as the Queen of Greens, is one of the healthiest vegetables you can eat providing cancer protection and lowering cholesterol. 1 organic banana. Kale Banana Smoothie. Pineapples are an anti-inflammatory food. I'm Isaac, a self professed smoothie addict. Welcome to my site! The benefits of kale smoothies are proven to be effective not only for weight loss but also encouraging good health from intensified energy, skin improvement, enhancing your immunity and more. 1 carrot That is so rawesome that you loved this smoothie so much! How Many Calories Are There In A Kale Smoothie. My secret to … 1 banana That may surprise anyone who thinks a plant-based diet is void of adequate protein or iron. Tasty, plant-powered recipes for all seasons. You can also use fresh or frozen spinach if that’s what you have on hand. Are you Team Kale or Team Spinach? How To Make Green Smoothie Cleanse : 10-Day Green Smoothie Cleanse Book Review, How To Make Healthy Smoothies To Lose Weight, Increase Brain Health Using Green Smoothies, Oster Versa Performance 1400-Watt Blender Review, How To Get Rid Of Bits In A Smoothie – 5 Great Tips To Make A Smoother Smoothies, Benefits Of Kale Smoothie – Plus Some Kale Smoothie Recipes. The health benefits of kale are worth mentioning as well. What is your opinion of using more bitter greens in smoothies? Thank you so much for this challenge! Now let’s move on to some of the healthy kale smoothies that we can do. That is so awesome that this challenge made such a difference with your daily lifestyle. Kale is an amazing superfood and is regarded as a nutrition powerhouse. Kale. This is not surprising because many of these phytonutrients are related to Vitamin A, which is also abundant in kale. 1- Vitamix Professional Series 750 – New cutting edge blender from the Vitamix brand. What’s so special about Vitamin K? 2 cups kale, stems removed, coarsely chopped and rinsed; 2 cups fresh pineapple, cut into small chunks (approximately a half pineapple) 1 1/2 banana, peeled and cut into chunks; 1 cup unsweetened vanilla almond milk (you can use coconut milk or any type of milk) It is widely regarded that kale is the king of vegetables due to its high nutrients. How much should I put in? It also has more iron than beef per calorie. 1/2 cup Almond milk 3 cup, chopped Kale 1 large (8" to 8-7/8" long) Banana 1 tbsp Almond butter 1/4 tsp Vanilla extract Nutrition 350.8 calories 55.8 grams carbs 12.3 grams fat 13.9 grams protein 12.9 grams fiber 0 mg cholesterol 1.0 grams saturated fat 154.6 mg sodium 22.0 grams sugar 0 grams trans fat In ml? This leafy vegetable contains high amounts of vitamins A, K, and C along with numerous other benefits such as preventing heart disease, lowering cholesterol and providing bone health.

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