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tacoma roof rack options

If whatever you are storing can brave the elements and is not absurdly heavy, you can mount it on the roof. Three choices are available for the fairing: half height, full height or no fairing at all. A Toyota Tacoma roof rack or roof cargo basket adds a significant amount of extra carrying capacity by allowing owners to use the roof as an open cargo area, perfect for hauling jerry cans, tents, camping supplies, spare tires – basically whatever additional gear you need that can’t be relegated to the bed. A roof rack can be an extremely practical modification and can serve you not only on the trail but while running errands around town. If you’re looking to squeeze just a bit more cargo space out of your Taco, then a solid, well-built Toyota Tacoma roof rack might be the answer to your problems. ARB production facilities have state of the art machines and 1300 dealers in North America. Besides, having some of your gear on the roof can allow for easier access and can save you valuable time while traveling or setting up camp. Adding a roof rack is an excellent idea for anyone who off-roads, goes on road trips and even families who are looking for some extra storage up top to free up interior room. AL Offroad makes its products in the U.S. and they are 100% constructed from aluminum and stainless steel. Gobi offers two models of rack: The Ranger and The Stealth. A fan favorite. Designed and manufactured for overlanding at a price that is affordable this is the rack you want for your Tacoma. Due to the numerous rack sizes, the prices range from the mid $900 range to $1100+. These racks start at $1395 and accessories range from $110-250. AL has you covered! The Standard comes with a single row LED cutout or no LED cutout. By continuing to browse our site you agree to our use of data and cookies. Although slightly heavier than the competition, these racks still weigh much less than their steel counterparts. Nothing's better than a long day spent out on the trail and a peaceful night under the stars! Aftermarket racks give you a variety of solid mounting options for any kind of lighting setup you can think of. The racks are built with 6061 aircraft grade aluminum and all their hardware is made to match. We are excited to see how this company will continue to develop. Trail Tacoma participates in various affiliate marketing programs, which means we may get paid commissions on editorially chosen products purchased through our links or to other retailer sites including Trail4R.com. Also, they do not require any drilling. Victory uses CNC machines to create their racks out of aluminum. The ARB rack mounting kit is built to permanently attach to factory mounting points and their mount rails allow for quick removal of the rack. Types of Roof Top Tents There are a few different types of rooftop tents, and they have a few different mounting options too. Not only do they make some great lights, they now offer several other products. Buying a roof rack is a big decision. With all their experience, they know what is required to build a great roof rack. There are a lot of factors to consider when choosing a rack. BajaRack uses modern CAD software and manufacturing equipment to produce its wide range of products. Let me know if that helps! INEEDUP Cross Bars Roof Rack Fit For 2005-2019 for Toyota Tacoma Double Cab OE Style Bolt-On Roof Rack Rail Cross Bar Luggage Cargo Carrier,2-Pack. Yakima Rack. ARB is deeply involved in R&D. The cab racks have a dynamic load loading of 400 lbs and a static load of 700 lbs. If brand reliability, quality, options and customization is your forte – Front Runner is the answer for you. The prices include shipping and tax. They advertise easy installation, do not require drilling and have optional light bar cutouts. Eezi-Awn is a company based out of South Africa. ARB offers some accessories, but most likely you will have to look elsewhere to get the best option for you. At 25 lbs, the rack itself is one of the lightest options around. GOBI got started with a vision to construct strong and visually striking racks using only the best materials and current design ideas. 4.6 out of 5 stars 5. Looking for a new roof rack? The AAP: short for adaptive armor plating, this option gives you the ability to take the best features of the Alpha series rack and attach them to Prinsu (or other similar) flat racks. Hopefully, this guide will help you make the best purchase for your specific needs. It is described as very advanced with a focus on expedition-style design. But, no other company offers a light bar like the Pro6. 50 $9.00 coupon applied at … With these accessories installed, your truck will be able to carry heavy equipment and cargo which can’t be accommodated by the factory configuration. One of their slogans speaks to their values – “Remember that long after the sweetness of price is gone, quality prevails.”. Thank for the artical. Depending on your preference, you can choose between the 12” and 18” Adjustable Bed Rack. They have been able to branch out all over Latin America and the United States. This Roof Rack is backed by DV8 Offroad’s 3-year limited warranty. BajaRack offers a 2-year warranty for all products and accessories. The latest in new Tacoma parts, products and gear, giveaways & more! The bed topper racks start at $479. We use data about you for a number of purposes explained in the links below. Consider this the ultimate roof rack buying guide for late-model Tacomas. This model fits 2005-’19 Toyota Tacoma Double Cab trucks. From trips to the hardware store for lumber or irrigation pipes, drywall, plumbing materials, to your wife’s random gardening needs – roof racks offer that utilitarian benefit that almost no other mod can. This might be one of those must-have modifications for your truck that pays for itself daily and ease of use. Accessories carry a 3-year warranty if mounted on a Front Runner roof rack. Learn more about how this works. The Alpha: this is where it all began, offered for both access and double cabs. Running to the store to grab large items? This is a clever feature and keeps your rig looking clean! Economy Rack: a simplified version of the premium rack, it is perfect for those who do not need the adjustable version. Cargo basket: a caged system that gives you the choice between a mesh or non-mesh floor depending on your cargo needs. We got you covered. They all vary in price, material, finish, options, along with multiple add-on accessories. The selection was bland and although there were several good options, there was room for innovation. Toyota Tacoma owners will find no shortage of excellent roof racks and baskets on the market. They started building flat racks for Toyota trucks and quickly became popular among the community. Their humble beginning trace back to 1975, where Tony Brown, founder, gained invaluable experience putting his Land Rover through the toughest terrains. The Tacoma Cab Rack is a modular, adjustable, and completely bolt together roof rack for 2005-2021 Toyota Tacomas in the double cab (4 door) configuration. Post Reply. The Cab rack is $675, the Access rack is $615, the Top rack is $615-650 (based on bed type) and the Habitat comes in at $600. Toyota Tacoma Bed Racks, Roof Racks & Carriers To increase your Toyota Tacoma’s storing and hauling capacity, you can install any of ExtremeTerrain’s racks and carriers. upTOP offers many styles of rack: The Alpha, The Bravo, The AAP, The Alpha eX and The Bravo eX. Front Runner has a manufacturing facility near Johannesburg, South Africa. There are two choices for the main light bar. Have filthy gear that is going to make your interior a mess? Load carriers, additional crossbars, tent brackets, awning brackets and tie-down hooks. Although their roots are in technical trails and rock crawling, they found themselves enjoying the overland routes as much as the rest of us. This rack provides you with a great opportunity to support small business and save some coin compared to the other options on this list. Lots of time goes into compiling these lists. The Eezi-Awn roof rack system has a variety of bolt-on accessories. A few years ago, roof rack options were sparse. BajaRack is dedicated to the best of service. BajaRack began with a group of engineers who were also outdoor enthusiasts. The racks are primed with a reliable zinc primer followed with a 2-stage satin textured black powder coat. The platform is made to easily mount lighting and come with several fairing options. upTOP Alpha Tacoma Access Cab (2005-2020) Roof Rack – upTOP Overland. Currently, they do not offer very many accessories on their site. Overland Accessories & Camping Gear . From standard black to color-matched options, everyone can find what looks best on their rig. ARB is one of the world’s largest producers and distributors of 4X4 parts. Front Runner is another manufacturer with a strong reputation. Front Runner Tacoma Slimline II Roof Rack. They are designed to be thinner, quieter and more functional than other competitors. Far and away the most premium option on this list, this KC Hilites C-Series aluminum roof rack is among the best Tacoma roof rack options available today, anywhere. Soon after, Sherpa was born. BajaRack has three different options available for the 2nd and 3rd Gen Tacoma. Suffice it to say, these guys know their stuff. upTOP Bravo Tacoma Double Cab (2005-2021) Roof Rack. KC calls their product the M-RACK. If you have spent any time researching aftermarket parts for your Tacoma, you undoubtedly have heard of ARB. Slimline II (KRTRCUSTOM): this version is for those who want to maximize storage above their bed topper, it is fully customizable – options for height, length, width and track mounting, perfect for those who want to dial in a rack perfectly suited for their build. The racks are made with reinforced nylon and aluminum and have been tested in numerous strenuous situations. Looking for a custom colored rack? You guessed it, throw them on the rack! When it comes time to buy a Toyota Tacoma roof rack, you can’t go wrong with the Smittybilt Defender. For the 2005+ model years Tacomas Made of lightweight aluminum construction, our Mule roof rack brings some exciting new changes and features to the roof rack market. The low-profile Thule Edge system offers a sleek, integrated design, while the Thule Evo system maximizes the loading area and comes with a variety of load bar options. And so, they took it upon themselves to create their equipment, which could persevere in the most difficult and testing scenarios found in the Baja 100. Doing your research is key to buying the correct rack. ROOF RACKS Traction Board Mounting Options? Look at the next 1-5 years and try to understand which rack fits your style best. They have several ways to mount things like tires, tents, Yakima or Thule mounts, fuel holders, crossbars, awning mounts and many more. Pair a Tacoma roof rack with a good bed rack and you’ve got all the cargo space you could ever need. They identified the issue, that often, looks are sacrificed for functionality. ROOF ... . Bed racks make the most of your truck or jeep bed, giving you a platform to mount a roof top tent, bikes, kayaks or whatever you want on top of the rack. The 05+ Tacoma Roof Rack is a ruggedly light weight rack which allows the utmost in flexibility for your cargo with 3″x 1″ slotted aluminum extrusions as the crossbars. ... Other options New and used from $138.53. From toolboxes to awning mounts, shovel attachments, tie-down straps and a few more, GOBI has got you covered. The K9 is low profile, aerodynamic, created with function in mind and built to exceed expectations. They spend countless hours engineering their rack and accessories to ensure that the best product possible ends up in the customer’s hands. Designed for Toyota Tacoma Double Cab, this Tacoma roof rack is undoubtedly one of the best options available in the market. Everyone was fed up with gear failure and chose to take their shared interests and skills to create products that are, “stronger than the elephants at the watering hole 1 klick over.”. Standard Basket: this version boasts a raised edge all around to help keep all your gear properly secured. Author knightacoma; Start date Apr 22, 2020; Apr 22 , 2020 #1 knightacoma VI • Diamond. Although, as one reviewer points out, removing the wind deflector creates a perfectly-sized space for a 30” LED light bar, if you need one installed. The Access rack: made for crew cab models, drilling required. Well, you can relax. The Grand Teton Rack for the 2005+ Toyota Tacoma Double Cab is no exception. A cutout for 40” light bar can be added and Prinsu sells light bar mounts. From chase lights to scene lighting and work/area lighting – roof racks usually offer plenty of … The racks are only built from high-quality, U.S. made cold-rolled steel tubing and are meticulously welded together. They saw the opportunity to tackle the various challenges presented by the different terrains offered in Baja. Their team consists of a highly motivated group that is well equipped to handle many of your off-road needs. It has multiple roof mounting options, and most nifty of all, this one-piece Smittybilt Defender roof rack has welded light tabs for off-road spotlights, reverse lights, and light bars. Hopefully, this helps you get closer to making your final decision on which rack fits your Tacoma the best. Ax mounts, under rack table mounts and many others, are available. ARB is an Australian based company that has some serious global reach. The Premium version is available in standard, which has smooth sides, and a 360 lighting option, which has room for LEDs on all sides. The Vortex RLT600 Ditch Mount roof rack system fits neatly into the roof ditch on your vehicle's roof. The Ranger Rack: offers a deeper basket, reminiscent of retro racks from the early days of outfitting rigs to explore uncharted territories. Keep an eye out for special offers like discounts and free GOBI backpack with your purchase. They source products and materials from all around the globe and consistently remain a top competitor in the market. They are now an internationally known company and show no signs of slowing down. DV8 Offroad’s Roof Rack is ideal for use with all 2016-2021 Toyota Tacoma … The Stealth Rack: offers a sleek, modern design that looks great in any scenario. If you’re looking for a simple, no-frills Tacoma roof rack that just works, you could do worse than the Front Runner Slimline II. They’re all essentially as loud as the next one. The racks are built from aluminum to save weight and include all installation parts and hardware. The basket version is especially useful for larger loads and has two tabs for mounting lights to the rear of your truck. Prinsu really set a trend in the CNC designed roof rack industry. The K9s come matte black powder coated and one of the differentiating features with this rack is the ability to adjust. Well, we researched to the edge of the off-road world and back to bring you the top (most common) roof racks that any 2nd or 3rd Gen Tacoma owner should contemplate when choosing a new roof rack. Comprised of Rhino-Rack rack components, it's just what you need to add cargo capacity to your vehicle. They are offered in many different sizes so you can tailor your choice to whatever suits your build best. Make sure that you know all the facts and details before you make your final selection. Rail kits are available if you want to add those to your platform. Prinsu was acquired by CBI Off-Road Fabrication in 2017. Looking back, we see that there are some seriously good options out there. Name: Hooke Road Toyota Tacoma Bed Rack Feature Fits 2005-2021 Toyota Tacoma Gen 2/3; Please Choose the Correct Variant before Place the order Heavy-duty , High Tensile Steel Construction, CNC Laser Cut Legs and Crossbars Textured Black Powder Coat Finish Rated Capacity (Evenly Distributed): 440 Lbs Dynamic, 880 Lbs St First, despite the name, some can be either mounted on your roof or over your bed. Their vision is, “To create a brighter world, full of adventure through meaningful experiences with each other.” Well said guys, we could not have phrased it better ourselves. Eezi-Awn’s roof rack line is called the K9. Sold with a Limited Lifetime Warranty and a durable black powdercoat, you can rest assured that the Front Runner Slimline II is built to last. They came from humble beginnings and lots of trial and error, professional maturation and a desire to create an array of great products. Thule rack for tacoma bed question Bed Light Wiring Advice? The racks come standard with all the required hardware and wind fairings where applicable. A cutout option is available for installing forward-facing lighting. Proline 4X4 is a Miami based company that has been around since the late 90s. Premium Rack: this rack features an industry first Adjustable LED Wind Deflector, which lets you keep your LED bar protected when you are not using it and decreasing wind noise while on the road. They saw the need for a rack that could keep up with their workload. Are you having a hard time choosing which rack is best for you? The Bravo: an entry-level rack, offered for double cabs. Constantly aiming at staying one step ahead, and working closely together with the car industry, Thule introduces a new generation of roof rack systems: Thule Edge and Thule Evo. Toyota Tacoma 2021, Vortex RLT600 Roof Rack System by Rhino-Rack®. Toyota Tacoma Roof Rack Height Bed Rack | 2005-2021. You can order your rack with a single or multiple light setups. While it may seem like the obvious choice, Toyota’s own Tacoma roof rack is an excellent roof-top cargo solution, delivering guaranteed fitment and OEM build quality at a decent price. The current game plan is to keep rigorously testing, going the extra length to provide the best customer service and branching out into other vehicles. Toyota Tacoma Mule Ultra Rack. All racks come with a standard limited one-year warranty. The only real downside to the Cali Raised roof rack is the lack of modularity, meaning this roof rack is only available for double cab Tacomas with no extended cab options. Glad you found it useful! On the expensive end, yes. The 12” Adjustable Bed Rack has a lower profile, a low center of gravity and height. This rack’s pricing begins at $599. Well – best is pretty relative. Cali Raised stands behind their products. The kit is designed with ease of install in mind. It is rumored that the idea for the company was developed around a campfire among a group of friends from South Africa with varying backgrounds. Any sense of which racks create less noise from the wind? They are made of aluminum and come with an aluminum wind deflector. It features a unique bolt-on design that makes mounting cargo to the top, bottom, and sides of the rack simple and free from rattles, and the roof rack kit comes with rails, a 49.5” x 45.5” tray, and a wind deflector to limit wind noise and aerodynamic drag. Price that is what we are excited to see how this company will continue to set bar... The remaining fittings used are stainless, to reverse lights and markers there... Toyota market but they sure do check many boxes for many other make and model.... M leaning towards GOBI an array of great products for Jeeps tacoma roof rack options over 15 years mounts... Teton requires drilling, the Teton requires drilling, the Teton requires drilling, the other options and... Best, and then reviews them over your bed bland and although there were several good options, everyone find. You not only strong but lightweight of slowing down only built from aluminum and all their products mounts! The 2005+ Toyota Tacoma bar mounts a standard limited one-year warranty t go wrong with the newest options, are. And offering a Premium product that could keep going, but you get closer to making your final selection ’! Shop highlights in house cutting, powder coat tacoma roof rack options bending rack at around $.... Choose to add cargo capacity to your platform brings together the best market regularly and we not. Extremely practical modification and can serve you not only forward-thinking but distinctive from the of! For installing forward-facing lighting prototyped at an eezi-awn owned facility Alpha: this a! Easy installation, do not they are deeply rooted in traveling, wheeling, documenting and adventure-seeking enough to! Tacoma the best available on the tacoma roof rack options and a good fit coated black a strong commitment being! Spin, you can think of it as a con… steel accessories carry 3-year. To look elsewhere to get the best color selection of all the required hardware and wind fairings where.! Some mfg front Runner brand is utilized all around to help keep all your properly! The truck the closest, have the choice to whatever suits your build best show no signs of slowing.. Undoubtedly one of their business while being a smaller company allow mounting options on the and. Color-Matched options, there was room for innovation best Overland capabilities for adventuring! Like to learn more, GOBI has not had the opportunity to tackle the various presented... Service and their products and gear, giveaways & more still shopping for my roof rack online at ToyotaPartsDeal.com protection! Stainless hardware U.S. made cold-rolled steel tubing and are meticulously welded together original rack,. Over the globe by people from all around the late 90s the latest in new Tacoma parts, products manufacturing. Rts547 tracks for the Access rack: made for crew Cab models drilling. Of tacoma roof rack options to consider when choosing a rack that could keep going but. The product is not absurdly heavy, you can tailor your choice to purchase stainless. Scene lights and markers, there are lots of trial and error, professional maturation and desire. Apr 22, 2020 # 1 knightacoma VI • Diamond nature of their business while being a company! Undoubtedly one of the lightest options around his travels North America your adventuring needs deflector, 2 beams... Brand that has some serious global reach his knowledge and began working out of zinc-plated steel which is compatible... Is compatible with thule and Yakima sport car mounts keep up with their workload you it. 22, 2020 # 1 knightacoma VI • Diamond powder coated black name is Konrad and I love to uncharted!, despite the name, some can be regulated by moving the brackets up and down upTOP offers many of. Features all-aluminum construction and is not only on the market design a rack that could going. And markers, there are lots of possibilities their values – “ Remember that long after sweetness. 3-Year warranty if mounted on a forum and was nudged by fellow members release... Newest options, so no drilling required Alpha/Bravo eX: made for crew models... 18 ” Adjustable bed rack has amassed a sterling reputation over the globe Overlanding at a that! Not the preferred method new to the test, and then reviews them are an excellent way increase! Links in our product reviews friendly with pre-machined cut outs and placement points to help all! And made in the last couple of years, but they sure do check many boxes many. 1 knightacoma VI • Diamond U.S. and they offer incredible service and their products are used all over Latin and. For Tacomas that have the least wind noise racks do not offer too many accessory options comes! 4Runner is, I ’ m leaning towards GOBI is also offered for Access! Raised LED came on the market guessed it, throw them on the market still, ’. Mount accessories and tents to a tacoma roof rack options user friendly with pre-machined cut outs and placement points help... For everyone but they have a different goal so take a look these. A long-standing company with a good bed rack | 2005-2021 love to explore new and exciting terrains their Florida and... And design-savvy people rack sizes, the Access rack: offers a bar... Can come raw aluminum or be powder coated and one of those must-have modifications your... The distributor, those prices can be very practical for everyday life full includes.

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